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A trip to the Tehachapi Mountains 5/31/2014

by Chris Guenzler

Bill Compton picked me up at 5:30 AM and we drove north straight to the BNSF Yard in Bakersfield where we spotted the Norfolk Southern Heritage Unit 8101 Central of Georgia on the BNSF M BAKBAR1 31A train. We hoped it would go east while we were out east in the mountains today. We started to drive east after we checked things in the Union Pacific Bakersfield yard. We drove east and at the railroad crossing on the San Joaquin Valley Railroad we made a stop.

San Joaquin Valley Railroad GP-28 1829. From here we drove to Caliente with a lack of trains so with Bill's radio we soon learned of a work window until 1:00 PM between Marcel and Cable. We would have a long wait. I called Lets Talk Trains, the Internet Radio Show, and gave my report.

First the track inspector came heading east through Caliente. Next we heard a train climbing the grade.

Union Pacific 5378 South came into Caliente and stopped with a tarp hanging off the 11th car of the consist as it had set off the detector to the west. From here we headed to Sandcut to wait for trains.

Union Pacific 5445 South at Sandcut.

BNSF 5457 South at Sandcut. We decided to go see what was going on at the BNSF yard on Bakersfield.

Norfolk Southern Heritage Unit 8101 Central of Georgia at Bakersfield. These pictures are better than not getting it at all! We had a stack train leaving so we headed to east of Bena to catch him.

BNSF 6508 South at Bena. From here we drove to Tunnel 2.

BNSF 6508 South at Tunnel 2.

Union Pacific 7404 North at Tunnel 2. Next we drove to Bealville.

BNSF 4483 North at Bealville. We drove back to Caliente.

I saw this home with railroad stuff out front.

BNSF 4483 North at Caliente. We got a green signal and went back to Tunnel 2.

BNSF 7556 South at Tunnel 2. From here we started the trip home getting there at 7:30 PM. It had been a good day of railfanning.