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The Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum Visit and Trip 6/27/2015

by Chris Guenzler

We left the Days Inn in Shrewsbury and headed south to Grafton, our first brief stop of the day.

Grafton & Upton Railroad CF-7 1500.

Grafton & Upton Railroad GP-18 1801.

Grafton & Upton Railroad GP-18 1800.

Grafton & Upton Railroad GP-7R 1751.

Grafton & Upton Railroad F7A 1501.

Grafton & Upton Railroad GP-9R 1750.

Grafton & Upton Railroad view.

A Grafton & Upton Railroad really big load. From here we went to town of Webster for our second stop of the day.

Webster has a railroad display in town.

New Haven PH3 60.

A Milwaukee Road flat car.

Seaview Railroad Box Car PWRC 6906.

Providence & Worcester caboose PWRC 3247. We stopped at Dunkin Donuts for my usual before we took Interstate 395 south into Connecticut, another new state for Robin. We were a few minutes ahead of schedule so we took Highway 101 east for about five miles to get Robin another new state.

Robin Bowers is in Rhode Island, another new state for him. We returned west to the Interstate 395 to US 6 into Willimantic and our next stop.

About the Museum

The Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum is located off Bridge Street in downtown Willimantic, Connecticut, on the original site of the Columbia Junction Freight Yard. Our collection includes locomotives and rolling stock, as well as vintage railroad buildings and a six-stall roundhouse reconstructed on the original foundation.

Visitors can receive a guided tour of the museum and kids of all ages can operate a replica 1850's-style pump car along a section of rail that once was part of the New Haven Railroad's "Air Line".

Future plans include extending track from the museum site to the Bridge Street entrance, reconstructing structures such as water towers on their original foundations, and erecting a Railroad Station/Visitor Center.

Our Visit

We drove down this road into the museum seeing deer crossing it ahead of us.

The Roundhouse and turntable.

This Roundhouse was original built in 1892 and then rebuilt on the exact same spot in 2000. Now let us look in the Roundhouse.

Maine Central speeder 10.

A Trackmobile.

Roundhouse scene.

Rutland Railroad wooden caboose 15.

A Central Vermont ouside braced box car 43022.

New Haven switcher 0800.

A Central Vermont wooden caboose 4052.

New Haven caboose C-18.

Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum Baldwin steam engine 0-4-0T 10.

Rutland Railroad wooden caboose 50. That finishes up the roundhouse pictures. Now I will explore outside.

Unknown box car.

Central Vermont Railroad flat car 4287 open air car.

Unknown wooden baggage car.

A pillar Crane.

Unknown passenger car.

New Haven caboose 618.

New Haven Terminal switcher 0423.

Boston subway car 7000.

Niantic River Bridge Tender Shack.

Interesting railroad signal.

Museum scene.

Pfizer SW8 2.

Central Vermont S-1 8081.

The Chaplin station.

Museum scene.

The Freighthouse.

Museum scene.

A hand Car Shed.

Heavy load flat car.

New Haven FL-9 2023.

Trackside shed.

Museum scene.

Crossing Shanty.

Cape Cod & Hyannis Railroad coach 2569.

Passenger coach 2951.

SPV2000 293.

Museum views.


This Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum switcher will be giving us a ride at this unique railroad museum.

The Trip

So now sit back, relax and we will take a ride down the Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum tracks towards High Street. Be on the lookout for the museum's new crane Providence & Worcester Railroad TC-01.

The was the eastbound trip on the Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum engine. Now we will head west back to the museum.

We have returned to the museum grounds and thanked our crew on this train. I thanked everyone here before I finished up my picture taking.

Maine Central Motor car 10 was out in the sun.

Work on the Rail Train is coming along.

The Roundhouse and Turntable.

Track equipment.

Philadelphia and Reading Osgood Bradley 910 Yankee Sliversmith Dining Car. With that picture it was time to leave this great railroad museum for our next train in Essex. A special thank you to the Connecticut Eastern Railroad Museum for having us here today.