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Finishing up Metro North 6/27/2015

by Chris Guenzler

Today I will be finishing up Metro North this afternoon/evening. We drove from the Shore Line Trolley Museum but due to the heavy traffic and the threat of rain, we drove to Waterbury and parked the rental car. I got my Web tickets for the trip from Waterbury to Bridgeport and Stamford to New Canaan. I will buy an upgraded ticket to get me from Bridgeport and Stamford from the Conductor on that train. Robin would just buy a Waterbury to New Canaan ticket from the Conductor on the Waterbury to Devon train. This way even if it rains I will have ridden every rail mile of Metro North.

The Waterbury station complete with tower.

The train to Devon.

The motive power for our trip to Devon. We boarded the Waterbury Branch train at Waterbury. This would be the last piece of Metro North track needed for me to ride their whole system and would be new mileage to Devon and the connection with the Northeast Corridor. We left stopping at Naugatuck, North Seymour, Seymour, Ansonia, Derby, Derby Jct and got off at the new station in Devon. Due to drawbridge rebuilding at the junction, all trains terminate at Devon and passengers transfer to New Haven Line trains to get to their destination. This will all be new trackage for Robin. The train left Waterbury to Devon and Robin got his ticket to New Canaan from our Conductor.

Views on the way to Devon.

We arrived into Devon as the day got darker and I completed riding the Metro North Waterbury Branch.

Views down the tracks both ways at Devon.

Our train to take us to Stamford pulled into Devon and we boarded Metro North's newest cars. The Conductor sold me my upgrade to get me to Stamford. The rain soon began as we made our way south on the Northeast Corridor.

The inside of the Metro North new cars.

Two views on the way to Stamford. We arrived at Stamford and our New Canaan train was on another platform. We went up and over to get to it.

The sign tells me we are on the right train. We boarded the train to finally ride Metro North's New Canaan Branch. This whole branch from the the Northeast Corridor would be new mileage for me. We boarded this train which made stops at Glenbrook, Springdale, Woodway and Talamadge Hill before we would pull into New Canaan.

The view before we left Stamford. We travelled about two miles to reach the New Canaan Branch.

From this timetable you get an idea of our route today. The route is in a very urban enviroment.

The train stopped at Talmadge Hill and I knew I was almost there. A few minutes later, we pulled into the New Canaan station and I had completed riding every mile of the Metro North Railroad.

The train at New Canaan.

Chris Guenzler at New Canaan. Robin and I visited the Metro North Ticket Machine and I got my Stamford to Bridgport segment and Robin got his New Canaan to Waterbury.

Robin on the train at New Canaan. We retraced our trip back to Stamford.

We returned to Stamford and said goodbye to our train that helped me finish the Metro North Railroad.

It is truly a wet evening at Stamford this evening. We went into the station and explored it.

The inside of the station. We went to the basement and found a Subway to get dinner and we took it back into the station to eat it. After dinner we went back to the wet platform finding a dry spot to watch trains.

A New Haven line train came and went heading to New York City.

More Metro North trains came and went while we waited for our train to Devon.

Right on time at 7:52 PM, a New Haven Line train came into Stamford and picked us up for Devon. Near Devon we had to walk four cars forward to detrain. In a downpour of rain, we dashed to the waiting Waterbury train and boarded that for the trip back to Waterbury. Once there, we left the Metro North Railroad. A special thank you to the Metro North Railroad for all the great trips they have given me over the years of train riding. It took all my greatest driving skills to drive through the construction zone to get us to the Waterbury Quality Inn and a good night's sleep. A special thank you to Bob and Elizabeth for helping with the train times for this trip.