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Maine Narrow Gauge Museum 6/24/2015

by Chris Guenzler

Robin and I arrived at the Maine Narrow Gauge Museum and started to look around.

Our Visit

I had visited the grounds once before but this time I will ride the train here.

MNGR Polar Express coach.

Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Combine 15.

The two cars again.

MNGR 23 Tonner ex Whitin Machine Work 5.

Another Polar Express coach.

Another view of the MNGR 23 Tonner.

Another Polar Express coach.

An open air car.

Polar Express Combine.

Sandy River and Rangeley Lake caboose.

Snow plow.

Sandy River and Rangeley Lake caboose 557.

Maine Narrow Gauge Museum coach.

Another passenger car.

Sandy River and Rangeley Lake coach 19.

B&SR box car 52.

Another passenger car.

Two more box cars.

B&HR box car 51.

Museum scenes.

MNGR Plymouth switcher 30 tonner 11.

New open air car under construction.

An open air car.

B&HR box car 62. I met a worker who had the keys and he let me in to see the steam engines here.

Bridgton & Saco Railroad 2-4-4T 7.

Monson Railroad 0-4-0 4.

Bridgton & Saco Railroad 2-4-4T 8. I thanked my host for this unique tour and headed back outside.

MNGR Plymouth switcher 4 tonner 14.

MNGR Brookville switcher.

B&HR box car 60.

B&HR box car 70.

MNGR switcher 6.

MNGR switcher 10.

Three box cars.

Another open air car.

Three more pieces of equipment. I found Robin then we went inside the museum building where we met Donnell Carroll, Executive Director of the museum, who gave us our ticket to ride the train this morning. We then inspected the inside of this unique museum.

Bridgton & Saco River Railroad coach 16,

Display board

Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railroad Combine 14.

Narrow gauge equipment and tools.

Bridgton & Harrison Railway sign.

Combine 3 display board.

Phillips & Rangeley Parlor Car 9, the Rangeley.

Bridgton & Saco River caboose.

Children's play area at the museum.

Things for sale at the museum.

Musem display board.

Steam display board.

Model steam engine.

Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes track inspection car..

Phillips & Rangeley Parlor Car 9, the Rangeley.

Sandy River and Rangeley Lakes Railbus 4.

Museum work area.

Map of all of the 2 foot narrow gauge railroad. Now we will head back to the train for our ride.

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