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A BNSF Needles Sub Trip Part 1 2/27/2015

by Chris Guenzler

Bill Compton and I had planned this trip out to the BNSF Needles Sub for a month. Bill picked me up and we headed north on CA 57 to CA 60 East to Main Street in Riverside which we took north to Slover and then to our first stop on Pepper Avenue in West Colton.

GMTX Switcher 7000 at West Colton.

GMTX EMD Switcher 7Z1 at West Colton. From here we took Interstate 10 East to Interstate 215 north to Highland Blvd which we made our way to Cajon Blvd and a stop for a BNSF baretable train.

BNSF 7350 at Ono. We took Cajon Blvd to Devore Road where we got on Interstate 15 to Kenwood Ave and then old US 66 back to Interstate 15. We took that road to Interstate 40 east exiting on Daggett Road. There we found a surprise.

Union Pacific 8617 East at Daggett.

United States Army GP-10 4621 along with UP 8507 and UP 2483 at Daggett.

Two last views of the United States Army GP-10 4621 at Daggett. From here we took old US 66 to Newberry Springs and made our way to a grade crossing there.

BNSF 4135 West at Newberry Springs. We crossed I 40 to Old US 66 which we took to Pisgah where we got stopped for a train.

BNSF 8180 East with CREX 1207 at Pisgah. We stayed on the old road to Ludlow then got back on Old US 66 once more and had to come back to the grade crossing for another westbound train.

BNSF 4552 West just east of Ludlow. From here we continued east but had to return to my favorite spot on Ash Hill for another westbound train.

BNSF 4591 West was passed by BNSF light engines BNSF 6839 and BNSF 5050 east of Ash Hill. From here we went to MP 672 east of Siberia for a pair of trains.

BNSF 7128 West with Norfolk Southern 7581 and Canadian Pacific 9510 at MP 672.

Dust clouds down in the Amboy Valley.

BNSF 7096 West at MP 672. From here we went to Bagdad.

BNSF 7399 West at Bagdad. With it starting to get dark we went east on old US 66 through Amboy then took the detour route on Kelbaker Road back to Interstate 40 to Needles. We checked into the Motel 6 then got dinner at Carl's Jr before we relaxed then called it a night.

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