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The Norfolk Southern Museum in Norfolk, Virginia 6/30/2015

by Chris Guenzler

After riding the entire Tide Light Rail Line system, Robin and I walked over to the Norfolk Southern Building to visit the museum of this great eastern railroad.

We said goodbye to the Tide Light Line.

I walked by this pool on my way. Once you enter the Norfolk Southern building, immediately turn right to enter the Museum, which is free to everyone and upon entry, the exhibits grab your eye!

Where the Past Meets the Future Daily.

All of the railroads that make up the modern Norfolk Southern.

Moving the goods that move the economy.

Semaphore signal 2242.

From spikes to signals.

Norfolk Southern one line infinite possibilities. Conrail, Norfolk & Western, Southern. How Norfolk Southern became one line.

More Norfolk Southern history on this wall.

All the products Norfolk Southern carries on their trains.

The Norfolk Southern system map.

Norfolk Southern at the crossroads of America.

A Norfolk Southern locomotive simulator which I played and became an honorary Norfolk Southern engineer.

"These people were craftsmen in the highest sense of the word. I look on a lot of them as being geniuses, really." Frank McFadden, mechanical engineer and former shop foreman.

Norfolk Southern Quality and Safety goes hand in hand.

Thoroughbred workhorses.

Today's Norfolk Southern is the result of hundred railroad combinations, reorganizations, and consolidations reaching back to the earliest days of the iron horse.

Thoroughbred workhorses.

A locomotive bell.

Locomotive 2138 number board.

Front end of locomotive 504.

Robin in the Norfolk Southern locomotive simulator.

Keeping safety first.

A railroad crossbuck.

Diesel locomotive front end of NS 7512.

Horns and headlights.

A locomotive piston.

An engineering legacy.

Generations of Pride.

William Mahome 1826-1895. He was a civil engineer, railroad executive, Confederate States Army general and Virginia politician who was prominent in the building of Virginia's roads and railroads. As chief engineer of the Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad {an early predecessor of Norfolk and Western}, he built log-foundations under the routes in the Great Dismal Swamp in southeast tidewater Virginia that are still intact today.

Steam, diesel, and electric history boards. Now we would look at the display of all the Norfolk Southern Heritage units in HO gauge.

Where else can you see all the 20 Norfolk Southern Heritage Units in one location?

Employee timecards from 1955, Nickel Plate and Lackawanna Railroad passes and other items.

Railroad employee hats through the years.

Railroad public timetables.

A time zone map.

The Norfolk Southern Museum gives out free pencils from this bowl.

The Norfolk Southern system map.

Dining car china.

Weather around the Norfolk Southern Railroad. With that our visit to the Norfolk Southern Museum was complete. We would like to thank the Norfolk Southern Museum for being here today.

After a great visit to the museum, Robin and I walked back to the hotel via a different route.

We passed by the MacArthur Memorial.

Douglas MacArthur 5 Star General 1880 to 1964. He served as General of the Army for the United States as well as a field marshal to the Philippine Army. He had served with distinction in World War I, was Chief of Staff of the United States Army during the 1930s, and played a prominent role in the Pacific theater during World War II. MacArthur was nominated for the Medal of Honor three times and received it for his service in the Philippines campaign.

The first school job I had was at the school named after him, McArthur Fundamental Junior High School, in Santa Ana, California.