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Passenger Trains and the Red Unit Circus Train 8/10/2015

by Chris Guenzler

Robin Bowers and I talked about taking pictures of the Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Red Unit Circus Train and I suggested County Line and the bluff at San Mateo Point. I called Caroline Boullon, a former teacher who lives in San Clemente to see if she could pick us up and drop us off at the North Beach Metrolink station and she said "Yes!" She would drive us to the path and at the south end of town, we would walk the rest of the way. The morning came with me up at 5:00 AM so I decided to take Metrolink to Oceanside before meeting Robin for Train 600. I bought my Metrolink ticket and waited to board my first train of the day. It was a nice round trip and soon I was back in Santa Ana; I went over to the station side and found Robin and we watched the rail action until our train came.

Pacific Surfliner 565 arrived and left Santa Ana.

A few minutes later, Metrolink 600 picked us up and 40 minutes later we detrained at North Beach San Clemente. Caroline was there ready to pick us up and soon she dropped us off at the end of the trail. We hiked to a new photo spot above the San Mateo trestle bridge and we waited.

The view below.

Pacific Surfliner 566 went south over the Trestles bridge.

Pacific Surfliner 769 then went north. We hiked the beach to take us up to San Mateo Point.

Robin at this photo spot.

Pacific Surfliner 768 at San Mateo Point. We moved to the southern side of the bluff.

Pacific Surfliner 573.

Pacific Surfliner 572.

Pacific Surfliner 774.

Metrolink 641.

Pacific Surfliner 777.

Pacific Surfliner 579. After that here came the Circus train.

The RBBX train at San Mateo Point. We walked back over to the highway exit and called Caroline to pick us up, which she did and returned us to the Metrolink North Beach San Clemente station. Robin went to get something to drink and I set up for the next train.

Pacific Surfliner 580 at San Clemente Beach. I walked back to the station and we waited for Metrolink 812 to return us to Santa Ana 50 minutes later. A special thank you to Caroline for helping us out today!