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Shore Line Trolley Museum 6/27/2015 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

After our first ever trolley ride at the Shore Line Trolley Museum, it was now time to look around.

A Wig Wag crossing signal.

Brooklyn Rapid Transit 4584 built in 1906.

Montreal Tramways work snow plow 3152 built in 1925.

Georgia Power Co in Atlanta 948 built in 1926.

Union Street Ry. of New Bedford MA 302 built in 1907.

ConnCo of New Haven 865 built in 1906.

Hudson & Manhattan 503 built in 1928.

ConnCo of Middletown, CT 2350 built in 1922.

Montreal & Southern Counties Ry. 9 built 1911.

IND Subway (City of NY) 1689 built in 1940.

Toronto Transit Commission snowsweeper S-36 built in 1920.

New York City Transit Authority which operated on the 7 Line built in 1955.

Montreal Tramways steeplecab 5002 built in 1918.

South Brooklyn Ry. 9137 built in 1903.

Montreal Tramways work crane W-3 built in 1929.

Brooklyn Rapid Transit 4573 built in 1906.

Toronto Transit Commission work snowsweeper S-36 built in1920.

Montreal Tramways 2001 built in 1929.

ConnCo of New Haven CT 775 built in 1905.

ConnCo New Haven CT 1602 built in 1911.

Lynchburg Electric Railway 34 built 1899.

Toronto Railway 1706 built in 1906.

ConnCo of New Haven, CT 1602 built 1911.

Rhode Island Company of Providence, RI 61 built 1893.

Third Avenue Railway of New York City 220 built in 1892.

Consolidated Railway of New Haven, CT 401 built in 1906.

Unkown trolleys.

South Brooklyn Railway boxcab 4 built in 1907.

Staten Island, NY Staten Island Rapid Transit 388 built in 1925.

NYCTA (New York City Transit Authority) (Brooklyn Manhattan Transit) 2775 built in 1925.

Unknown New York City subway car.

Unknown flat car.

Philadelphia Suburban 21 built in 1949.

Unknown trolley.

Philadelphia Suburban "master unit" 84 built in 1933.

Unknown trolleys.

New Jersey Transit PCC Car 25.

Toronto Transit Commission Horsecar11 built in 1933.

Unknown trolley.

Philadelphia Suburban "Brilliner" 8 built 1941.

Unknown trolleys.

A SEPTA 210.

Unknown center cab electric.

The Connecticut Company bus 92.

Connecticut Company bus 1261.

Connecticut Company bus 1491.

Ticket booth.


Unnumbered box car.

Museum view.

The Avenue L station.

New Orleans Public Service Inc. 850 built in 1922.

Museum view.

My trolley waiting to take me back, Robin soon joined me for the ride back.

Farm Estuary station, I rode up with the operator.

Our trip back to the front of the museum. That ends our visit to the Shoreline Trolley Museum.

One more view of our trolley. We would like to thank the Shoreline Trolley Museum for having us here today. What a great trolley museum you have. Robin and I left East New Haven for our final stop of the day.