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Home from La Plata via the California Zephyr and San Joaquin Trains Part 3

by Chris Guenzler

This will take you from the middle of Red Rock Canyon through Debuque Canyon and on into Ruby Canyon. I was having dinner going through Glenwood Canyon thus no pictures. Sit back, relax and enjoy more views from The California Zephyr.

The trip through Red Rock Canyon to the mouth of Glenwood Canyon. I had a 5:00 PM dinner reservation and enjoyed another excellent flat iron steak and ice cream for dessert. My meal ended after our Glenwood Springs stop was completed. I talked to Skip Waters on the phone about ideas for the 2016 NRHS Convention in Denver. Now the trip west to Grand Junction.

The trip to Grand Junction. I got off and was first into the store there for some more Coca-Cola to get me to Sacramento tomorrow. I enjoyed the fresh evening air until the horn blew and we returned aboard the train. Now the trip into my favorite canyon on the whole Amtrak system called Ruby Canyon.

The train took us into the heart of Ruby Canyon. We will continue west in the next part of this story.

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