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Speeder Trip on the Big Trees & Pacific Railway and Santa Cruz & Monterey Bay Railway 4/25/2015 Part 4

by Chris Guenzler

We are heading west to Davenport.

We ran by Harkins Slough.

The upper reaches of Gallighan Slough.

Views near La Selva Beach.


We crossed the new La Selva Trestle.

These plants really caught my eyes.

Crossing the Dolphin Creek Trestle.

We crossed Park Creek Trestle.

We crossed the Soquel Creek Trestle.

Crossing Soquel Creek.

The Capitola Pier.

We crossed the Arana Creek Trestle.

With the south side of the Santa Cruz Marina to be seen in this view.

Java Junction right at the Searbright Avenue wig wag.

We went under East Cliff Drive.

We crossed the San Lorenzo River and came to a stop at the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. We would be here until 4:20 PM and would leave after the Big Trees & Pacific passenger train left for Felton. Everyone enjoyed the nice long bathroom break here. The Big Trees & Pacific passenger train departed and it was now our turn to leave for Davenport.

We left the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and started our street running on Beach Street.

Street running on Beach Street.

Going by the Santa Cruz Roundabout.

We went under the West Cliff Drive bridge in Santa Cruz.

Chris Parker starts his new mileage here.

I started my new mileage here and all the way to Davenport.

We are coming up to Pacific Avenue and we would have to be flagged over 13 crossing in 2.12 miles. Our group's flaggers did an excellent job both ways getting through all these crossing quickly and safely. Some of these crossing were only 0.3 miles from each other. They got a great workout flagging for our group.

Crossing California Street with Bay street just 0.3 miles away.

We came to another old siding as we closed in on Natural Bridges Drive, our last crossing in Santa Cruz that we neededto be flagged through.

We crossed the Moore Creek Trestle.

The Antonelle Pond off to our south.

We are making our way towards Davenport.

We ran by the Milepost 24 signpost.

Farming all the way down to the Pacific Ocean along our route to Davenport.

We ran by the Milepost 25 signpost.

We are running on sections of welded rail.

Seven trees over by the Pacific Ocean.

Rolling down sections of welded rail.

A coastal view.

A view looking north across CA Highway 1.

Wildflowers along our route.

Our motor cars took this curve on the way to Davenport.

We ran by the Milepost 27 signpost.

A view looking north across CA Highway 1.

One of the coastal cuts that we went through on our trip to Davenport.

A coastal view.

A view looking north across CA Highway 1.

Heading through another cut on our route this afternoon.

Passing a farm building on our way north.

Our motor cars took a slight curve in the vegetation-covered sand dunes.

A coastal view.

Rolling down the rails on a cold windy afternoon along the Pacific Ocean.

A coastal view.

Getting even closer to Davenport.

Closing in on the sand dune stretch of this railroad.

This sand dune keeps moving over the rails and the tracks have been dug out several times over the last two days. The wind never stops here so it blows the sand back over the rails.

Two coastal views.

We ran by the Milepost 38 signpost.

The plant in Davenport came into view ahead of our motor car.

Two coastal views.

Rolling down the straight track.

A coastal view.

Davenport, California across CA Highway 1 to our north.

Two coastal views.

Still rolling north towards Davenport.

A coastal view.

We ran by the Milepost 39 signpost.

Closing in on our final grade crossing of our westward trip to Davenport.

We crossed CA Highway 1 with crossing gates down for us.

This is where our Felton motor cars will be turned around on the RMC Pacific crossing.

An out of service track at the plant at Davenport.

There are tracks hidden by the weeds in Davenport.

We have reached the turn back point in Davenport. Now we will be returning to Felton.

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