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A Trip to Beaumont Hill 5/28/2016

by Chris Guenzler

Bill Compton and I planned to go out to take some train pictures. We decided to go out to Beaumont Hill and planned to leave my house at 5:30 AM. Bill showed up on time and after a stop at 7-11 we headed out of town. Our first stop was the empty departure yard at West Colton and from there we headed into San Timoteo Canyon. We found Track 1 out of service fdue to maintenence work from Redlands to Hinda. We caught our first train near El Casco. We knew this was going to be an interesting day of photographing trains.

Union Pacific 7420 West. From here we drove to Hinda and stopped with a red over green signal.

Union Pacific 5941 East. We drove east after this train finding a westbound train stopped so we returned to Hinda.

Union Pacific 7381 West at Hinda. We headed east to Desert Lawn Drive and came to a quick stop.

Union Pacific 7456 West with DPUs 8688 and 8813.

Union Pacific 7981 West with DPU 7742.

Union Pacific 8034 East

Union Pacific 8030 West. From here we headed east to Cabazon for our next picture.

Union Pacific 8034 East at Cabazon. From here we headed east to Railroad Ave and Haugen Lehman Way for our set next of picture. I called Lets Talk Trains, the Internet radio program, and talked with my good and dear friend Skip Waters.

Union Pacific 8034 East

Union Pacific 7945 East

Union Pacific 6745 West

Union Pacific 4489 East. from here we headed to Tipton Ave at West Palm Springs.

Union Pacific 7937 East.

Union Pacific 5956 West with DPU 5779.

Union Pacific 6030 West. While he was going by, an eastbound train with two Norfolk Southern engines passed so we went chasing east after it. We took CA 111 to Interstate 10 back to Haugen Lehman Way where we reversed to Interstate 10 to Date Palm Drive where Bill stopped and I climbed down to the tracks.

Union Pacific 7932 East. We returned to San Timoteo Canyon passing four westbound trains waiting to get by the track work.

Union Pacific 7352 West at El Casco. We drove west and near Redlands found another eastbound train.

Union Pacific west of El Casco.

Christopher Dean Guenzler taken by Bill Compton. We again drove west and near Redlands found another eastbound train.

Union Pacific 5444 East near Redlands. We headed home and decided to follow the old UP route from Riverside to Pomona.

Union Pacific 7443 East at Pomona. Bill returned me home ending another excellent Railfan adventure!