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A Trip to Beaumont Hill 12/10/2016

by Chris Guenzler

Bill Compton and I picked Saturday December 10, 2016 for our next train photo trip. We would return to Beaumont Hill for a day of railroad photography so I got up at 4:30 AM, fixed my breakfast before checking things on the Internet prior to Bill arrival to pick me up at 5:30 AM.

12/10/2016 We left Santa Ana and took CA Highway 22 to the CA 55 to CA 91 out to Corona where we found CA 91 closed. We then detoured north on Interstate 15 to Interstate 10 east to Pepper Street in Colton. A few minutes later, a westbound train arrived but not what we expected.

BNSF 7763 West arrived into the Union Pacific West Colton Yard. From here we went back onto Interstate 10 to California Street then Barton Road to San Timoteo Canyon Road driving east through the canyon before we caught up to an eastbound train. We drove to Desert Lawn Road and set up quickly as we had a westbound train approaching.

Union Pacific 8825 West came by our photo location at Nicklin.

Union Pacific 7375 East at Nicklin. From here we drove east to Cabazon to the grade crossing at Broadway Street.

Union Pacific 7375 East at Broadway Street in Cabazon. From here we went east to the end of Railroad Avenue and set up again.

Union Pacific 7375 East at the end of Railroad Avenue. From here back on Interstate 10 to CA Highway 111 to the grade crossing at Tipton Road and set up.

Union Pacific 7375 East at Tipton Road. The power for this train was UP 7375, UP 7271, CSX 3358 and CSX 606 plus DPU 7427.

Union Pacific 4345 East at Tipton Road.

Union Pacific 5703 West at Tipton Road.

Union Pacific 7933 East at Tipton Road with DPU's 8553 and UP 7927.

Union Pacific 8183 West with DPU's UP361 and UP 8175 meets an unknown eastbound train at Tipton Road.

Union Pacific 2574 West with DPU UP 8712 at Tipton Road.

Union Pacific 8061 East at Tipton Road. We left here and went to Carl's Junior to pick up some lunch before we drove to Potrero Blvd and parked just south of the bridges and walked back to the bridge over the Union Pacific mainline and waited. The first train did not take long to arrive here.

Union Pacific 7374 East with UP 1996 and DPU UP 6380 at Potrero Blvd.

Union Pacific 8834 West with the gravel train with DPU 8114 at Potrero Blvd.

Union Pacific 7626 West at Potrero Blvd. From here we headed west to El Casco for one more train.

Union Pacific 8917 East meets Fall colors at El Casco. From here we took Redlands Blvd south to CA Highway 60 West to the CA Highway 57 Highway south back to Santa Ana. It had been another fantastic railfanning trip with Bill Compton. I went to the Habit to pick up dinner for my mother and me before watching the Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Tampa Bay Lightning 4-3 with Kris Letang having three assists in the game. Tomorrow my Tioga Pass private car trip.