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Royal Gorge Scenic Railroad Part 2 7/19/2016

by Chris Guenzler

We continued westbound through the Royal Gorge.

More rapids in the Arkansas River.

The Royal Gorge has many unique geological features including these rocks.

The train can be seen on most curves in the gorge.

White water rafters are a common sight on most trips through the Royal Gorge.

Two more views of the train in the gorge.

Another group of white water rafters.

The train continues to take the curves in the western Royal Gorge.

A mine in the Royal Gorge. We exited the Royal Gorge as we approached Parkdale, our turn-back location.

This is one of the spots where the white water rafters get put into the river.

The train is arriving at Parkdale. The crew will switch ends and it was here that I went out into the open car.

View of the now front of our train.

Views of the Arkansas River with the white water rafters floating down the current.

The train started back to Canon City.

Our train re-entered the Royal Gorge.

Our NRHS passengers took full advantage of the open air car after they had finished their lunches.

The train rolled east through the Royal Gorge.

Our first view eastbound of the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge.

The white water rafters are havng a blast in the Royal Gorge.

The train takes many curves in the Royal Gorge.

The train and the white water rafters.

The train went under the spillway that carries the water safely over the tracks.

The train and the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge.

The Royal Gorge narrows as we near the Hanging Bridge over the Arkansas River.

The train gets closer to the Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge.

The train is now upon the Hanging Bridge.

The Royal Gorge Suspension Bridge.

The supports for the Hanging Bridge.

Our NRHS group is having a fantastic time in the open air cars. I went back to the club car, sat at my table and had a root beer. I just looked out of the window and enjoyed the views of the Royal Gorge all the way back to Canon City. When we arrived in Canon City, Elizabeth and I detrained and assumed our position at the door of the bus waiting for our passengers to arrive. Once everyone was aboard, including our narrator Ira, we then proceeded back to the Holiday Inn in Denver. There we helped unload the passengers before we returned to the Super 8. We finished the Garden of the Gods story before we went to Country Buffet for a very good dinner. We returned and started on the Cripple Creek story. With that, we called it an early night and had a well-deserved good night's sleep. Tomorrow, we will ride the light rail tour of Denver and a trip on the A Line to the airport.