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Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Railroad Part 2 7/17/2016

by Chris Guenzler

The train continued to climb the grade heading to Sublette.

The train continues to climb the grade taking the curves.

The train went through the volcanic ash cut.

Looking into the Rio des Los Pinos valley.

Climbing the grade into the Los Pinos River valley.

Climbing through the trees.

Looking to the north.

The train passes through miles of beautiful countryside.

Lupins and other Colorado wildflowers.

Looking into the Rio de Los Pinos valley.

Section gang houses, bunk houses, coal storage, water spout and speeder shed at Sublette.

The luggage racks in all the cars have the C&TS RR initials on them.

The water plug at Sublette from which we took water.

Leaving Sublette behind.

From here, we climb to the Mud Tunnel.

One last view of Mt. San Antonio.

The train keeps climbing the grade.

Looking back from where we came.

The Mudhen working hard.

Beautiful views abound on the Cumbres and Toltec Scenic Railroad.

Still climbing to the Mud Tunnel.

Interesting rock above the Rio de Los Pinos valley.

The train is climbing high above the Rio de Los Pinos.

The scenery has certainly changed since we started the trip.

Still climbing the grade towards the Mud Tunnel.

The train going through a rock cut.

The train took another of the many curves as it climbs the grade.

That interesting rock in the Rio de Los Pinos valley.

A view of the train as we continue on our way.

More interesting geology.

Curves are a feature on this railroad.

Interesting geology.

The valley gets deeper as we enter the Toltec Gorge.

The train passes fir and aspen trees along the route.

Cows in the forest.

One of the communication boxes.

Another scenic view as we continue to the Toltec Gorge.

Toltec siding.

The Toltec station sign.

Views as we climb the grade.

Approaching Mud Tunnel.

Entering Mud Tunnel.

Exiting Mud Tunnel.

Crossing the state line into New Mexico again.

The rock formations as we approach Phantom Curve.

We round the Phantom Curve.

The rocks of Phantom Curve.

Leaving Phantom Curve behind.

The train is now headed toward the Rock Tunnel.

Another beautiful view along the route.

The train runs through the forest.

Another cut of volcanic ash.

Entering New Mexico.

Looking down into the Rio de Los Pinos valley.

Taking a curve as we near Rock Tunnel.

Entering Rock Tunnel.

Exiting Rock Tunnel.

Looking down into the Toltec Gorge.

The Garfield Monument, erected by railraod ticket agents dedicated to the memory of President James Garfield after his assassination in 1881.

Looking back at Rock Tunnel.

Another view as we go through the Toltec Gorge.

Views of the Toltec Gorge.

Curving along our route out of the Gorge.

Another view of the Los Pinos River.

The scenic Toltec Gorge.

A sharp curve as we continue make our way to our lunch stop at Osier.

The Pinos River valley offers many scenic views like this one.

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