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Fullerton Railroad Days 2016 4/30/2016

by Chris Guenzler

I asked Steve Grande if we would have a booth at Fullerton Railroad Days 2016 and he said "No!" It turned out he would be in La Plata hosting an event there. For the first time in years I would not be working a booth at Fullerton Railroad Days. In all the years I had done it except for 2003 when I was at the Green Bay National Railroad Museum and 2007 when I was coming back from the Million Mile Trip. I even did Let's Talk Trains from there over five times. So what to do? I came up with a plan of doing my usual Amtrak to Oceanside train ride then purchase a Metrolink Weekend Saturday Pass but get off in Fullerton to take pictures of this event. I would get on the return trip to Oceanside then return home to Santa Ana as I usually do. Friday I went to Solana Beach then Fullerton to get the lay of the land before returning to Santa Ana on Metrolink.

4/30/2016 I got up and went to Staters Brothers for a few things before I came home, had breakfast and left for the Santa Ana train station. I bought my Saturday Weekend Pass then sat down on my usual bench. Once I heard the crossing gates start, I move out onto the platform to wait for Pacific Surfliner 562 to arrive into Santa Ana.

Pacific Surfliner 562 arrives in Santa Ana. I boarded the train on the last car. The Conductor scanned my ticket and I was off to Oceanside. We lost time flagging the 4th Street crossing in Santa Ana and was given a slow order through the Tustin Metrolink station. We stopped in Irvine and San Juan Capistrano then met Pacific Surfliner 763 at Serra before running along the beach.

The San Clemente Pier. The ocean looked very angry this morning.

Later, looking south as we crossed San Onofre Creek. With us running 8 minutes late, we had a better than normal meet with Pacific Surfliner 565 before we reached Oceanside where I detrained. I walked to Track 2 to take a picture of my next train of the morning.

Metrolink 661 with Conductor Henry ready to scan tickets before I boarded a Rotem Coach sitting at a table. We left Oceanside on time and stayed that way all the way to Fullerton. Surfliner 564 did not run today due to door problems in the 8th Street Yard in Los Angeles. Pacific Surfliner 566 had the Dome Car Silver Splendor on it rear end this morning when I saw it at Santa Ana. From here it was a quick trip to Anaheim then onto Fullerton where I detrained. I found Robin Bowers had gotten off the train that I had been on and we walked the the gate to get into the event at Fullerton this morning.

Fullerton Railroad Days 2016 4/30/2016

I started my walk arund Fullerton Railroad Days this morning.

Trains, Planes and Automobiles.

Fullerton High School Football Boosters.

The Read booth.

Rail Giants Train Museum the Birthplace of the Big Boy Steam Dream.

RailMaster Hobbies Bellflower.

Arnie's Model Trains.

Women in Railroading.

The Big Train Show.

Niles Gift Depot.

Imagination Depot.

Fullerton Police Department.

Fullerton Fire Department.


Southern California Transit Advocates.

Daylight Sales.

Creative Zest.

Orange Empire Railway Museum.


California High Speed Rail.

Fullerton American Legion Post.

Irvine Park Railroad.

Anything you want on a T-shirt.

Solar City.

RC Fly By Toys.

Disneyland Railroad 4-4-0 1 C. K. Holliday.

Carolwood Foundation {Disney Barn}.

Amtrak Thruway Bus 13035.

Locomotive Air Horn Collectors.

Santa Fe 3751 San Bernardino Railroad Historical Society.

Amtrak Veteran Cab Car 90208.

A train the little kids can ride.

Outdoor Garden Railroad.

Orange County Modular Railroaders.

Orange County "N"Gineers.

John Bowman

CSC On30 Modular Group.

Orange County Legos User Group.

What kid doesn't like to play with Legos?

Southern Pacific T.T.O.S.

Nature's Wonderland Railroad.

Southern California S Gaugers.


T.T.O.S. Southwest Division.

ZoCal Z Scale.

BNSF 4279 was on display with a long line to go through. I headed over to Track 4 to get some pictures plus photograph a few trains if I get lucky.

BNSF 7450 west with a bare table train.

The star of this event was Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751.

Amtrak Veteran Cab Car 90208.

Amtrak Veteran Engine 42.

Amtrak 42, 90208 and Santa Fe 3751. Now we will watch Pacific Surfliner 768 leave Fullerton this morning.

Pacific Surfliner 768 left Fullerton for San Diego.

Once ib a blue moon you get no one in the picture of the Santa Fe 3751.

BNSF 7792 West next rolled through Fullerton.

A Fullerton scene.

Amtrak 90902 and 42 at rest at Fullerton while on display.

The final train was Pacific Surfliner 567. From here I walked to the far west end of Platform 3 and sat down on a seat. Robin joined me and we waited for Metrolink 662 to take me home to Santa Ana so I could write this story. The train came in right on time with a quick trip for me back to Santa Ana. I wrote the story then relaxed for the rest of the day.