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La Plata Spring Railfan Event 2016 Day 4 4/5/2016

by Chris Guenzler

I met John Green in the lobby of the Depot Inn & Suites and headed out to the rental car which had its windshield iced over. We defrosted it using the windshield cleaner then headed up the road to McDonald's in Kirksville for a good meal of hot cakes and sausage to start my day. From there, we headed to Downey to shoot a new train station for me in the great state of Missouri.

The CB&Q station in Downey, Missouri.

Grade crossing sign and stone whistle post.

Maintenence worker's cart. From here we drove to West Medill.

BNSF 7133 East at West Medill. We then drove out to County Road MP 285.45 west of Revere.

Union Pacific 7975 West at County Road C, MP 285.45 west of Revere . A BNSF crew was going to close the crossing so we left before they could do it. We went to the 2nd bridge west of Revere.

BNSF 5053 West at the 2nd bridge west of Revere. Next we went back to Wyaconda to a new crossing at County Line Road to take pictures. We missed another BNSF train when we arrived just a minute too late. With a cold wind and 39 degree temperature we would return here during warmer weather.

The views from the County Line Road grade crossing. From here we crossed the old bridge on Sycamore Lane, then made a right on Colt Lane to the grade crossing and parked.

BNSF 5053 West at Colt Lane. From here we moved to Hicks Road at the Gorin Crossovers.

Gorin, Missouri.

BNSF 6890 West at Hicks Road in Gorin.

Amtrak Southwest Chief was only 35 minutes late this morning at Hicks Road in Gorin.

BNSF 6850 East at Hicks Road in Gorin.

BNSF 5057 West at Hicks Road in Gorin.

The old smokestack in Gorin was built in 1906 as a facility of the Prairie Oil and Gas Company. From here we went to Powell Road but missed the turnoff. We got to the crossing just missing two more BNSF freights. That is 9th train I missed on this trip

Here is the rear end of the 2nd train we missed at Powell Road. We waited for 40 minutes but with no trains, this officially ended the 2016 La Plata Spring Railfan Event. Thanks to John Green for attending. We made a stop in Rutledge to wash the rental car. From there, we went to Colton Steakhouse where I had a Top Sirloin Steak for an early dinner. After returning the rental car to the Depot Inn & Suites, I washed my clothes and wrote this story. I then packed up and listened to the Penguins Game vs the Ottawa Senators. Kris Letang got his 49th and 50th assist of the season in the 5-3 win by the Penguins, I watched NCIS and Agents of Shield. I put the corrections into my story and called it a night for the last time in La Plata for this trip.

Dead Animal Tour 3 was 25 on the highway and one by the tracks! This is a joke!