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Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum 10/16/2016

by Chris Guenzler

After we had finished the Griffith Park & Southern Railroad, we drove to the Los Angeles Live Steamers and parked in their lot.

Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum

Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum (LALS) is a non-profit public-benefit corporation that was founded in 1956 by live steam enthusiasts for the purpose of educating the public about railroad history and lore, and to promote the avocation of live steam and scale model railroad technology. The museum is open from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. every Sunday. In 1956, all the locomotive model engines were steam-powered, hence the name "Live Steamers". Over the years, gasoline-powered models of diesel locomotives and battery-electric locomotives and trolleys have also become popular. The museum operates a 7 1/2 inch gauge miniature railway on which these locomotives pull trains that the public can ride. The museum also has multiple layouts with smaller gauge track for model railroads.

Walt Disney's Carolwood Pacific Railroad "Barn" was his personal model railroad workshop building and creative space which was loaned to the City of Los Angeles by the Walt Disney Family Foundation in 1999 by Disney's heirs. Walt's Barn museum and Combine rail car are located within the Los Angeles Live Steamers complex. Complementary public admission is on the third Sunday of each month, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m which coincides with LALS demonstrations of the stationary steam plant. Docents and volunteers of the Carolwood Pacific Historical Society are on hand to answer any questions, offer informal tours, and elucidate displays about Disney's intimate relationship with railroading.

The grounds were suppose to be opened at 10:30 AM but did not open until 10:46 AM.

On the east side of this building is where you buy the tickets then get in line to ride the train.

The trains are lined up and ready for passengers this morning. We will take the first train on the left track.

Union Pacific caboose 25064. We then boarded the train.

The trip started by running by the water tower.

A no number Southern Pacific caboose.

In a few minutes we will be on that bridge but first we will go under it.

After that bridge we crossed a little creek.

We next crossed the way into the Carolwood Pacific Railroad barn.

We ran by this train on our trip.

The steaming bays on this unique railroad.

A switchman's tower.

The train took the curve to pass in front of the station building.

The passenger station with a wig wag crossing signal.

The wig wag crossing signal.

Passing by where we had boarded our train.

That really looks like a Southern Pacific SW-1500.

Next we crossed the trestle.

A scene below.

Looking down to where we had just been.

We made it through the mine blasting area on this trip.

The train ran past an old west town scene.

The train came to the water tower.

The train is now running along the hillside.

First we ran by an old mine.

Next we ran by the water wheel.

The train ran through the Eppich Tunnel.

Local vegetation.

Next a real live steamer ran by us.

A mine along our route.

The miner sits on the front porch his place.

Looking down to where we will be in a few minutes.

The farthest curve on this railroad is right next to Travel Town.

The train took that curve then gained elevation.

The train crossed over this bridge.

The train took this curve and we are now heading back.

We went under this signal bridge.

Here comes that SP switcher.

The train curved into the Nelson Tunnel.

We exited the Nelson Tunnel but came to a stop short on the unloading area.

We would get to watch trains run by us as we waited.

The train ran by the wig wag one last time before we arrived into the unloading area. It had been a great trip aboard the train at the LA Live Steamers. Next we drove to the south side of the property and parked in that lot to make our first trip to the Carolwood Pacific Railroad barn.

The barn at this unique museum.

The trains in the barn.

Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad Combine 101.

The Carolwood station.

Two Union Pacific passenger cars are located at the LA Live Steamers.

One of the LA Live Steamers engines.

The stationary steam plant at Carolwood. As I waited for Robin I shot more pictures.

A Santa Fe engine went by.

The steam engine came by on the departure loop.

Next he came by me and the track along the hillside. It had been a great visit to the LA Live Steamers. Robin and I met up and we headed to out final stop of the day just up the road.