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On to Cheyenne 7/8/2016

by Chris Guenzler

We got up in North Platte after an overnight series of storms. We drove to MacDonalds for breakfast before we left North Platte for good. We drove west on US 30 to Paxton and found the first station of the day.

The Paxton Union Pacific station. From Paxton we drove to Sutherland where US 30 was closed so we detoured on Interstate 80 to Roscoe and were back by the Union Pacific mainline. We drove to Ogallala and had to make a stop.

Farmers Elevator Company GP-9 7558. From there we drove to Lodge Pole.

Our first train of the day was stopped east of Lodge Pole.

Union Pacific 8134 West was stopped east of Lodge Pole.

A grain elevator in Lodge Pole.

The Union Pacific Lodge Pole station.

Union Pacific caboose 25007. We left Lodge Pole and headed west but had to return when we thought an eastbound train was coming.

Union Pacific 8134 West came through Lodge Pole. We next drove west to County Road 143. Here we found our eastbound train.

Union Pacific 8837 West at County Road 143.

Union Pacific 7988 East at County Road 143. From here we headed west until we saw our next headlight and turned onto County Road 139.

Union Pacific 7930 East at County Road 139. From here we drove to Sidney and stopped at the US 30 bridge.

Union Pacific 8837 West at the US 30 bridge at Sidney. We continued west on US 30 until we saw another headlight.

Union Pacific 8092 East was at Potter. We turned around and drove back to a better picture taking spot.

Our photo location east of Potter.

Union Pacific 8092 East of Potter.

Union Pacific 1845 West, a local, is east of Potter

Union Pacific 8092 East of Potter.

Union Pacific 8504 East outside of Dix. We then continued west.

Union Pacific 7876 East just west of Dix.

Union Pacific 8134 West further west of Dix. We continued west.

Union Pacific 6799 West nearing Kimball. We continued west on US 30.

Union Pacific caboose 25276 in Pine Bluffs, Wyoming. We had lunch at the A&W in Pine Bluffs before taking Interstate 80 to Archer for our final pictures before Cheyenne.

Union Pacific 8060 West crested Archer Hill. We would next drive to Cheyenne.

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