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The NRHS Denver 2016 Convention Trip Home Day 1 7/24/2016

by Chris Guenzler

Elizabeth and I got up at 5:15 AM and could not believe that we were going home! We packed up and loaded the car then checked out of the Quality Inn. We drove to the Super 8 to pick up Robin then drove to the Central Park A Line station and dropped off Elizabeth so she could get to the Denver Airport for her flight home. Robin and I said our goodbyes to her before we took Interstate 70 east to Interstate 225 to Interstate 25 which we stopped at Monument at MacDonald's for breakfast. From here we drove the straight shot down I 25 to Trinidad and drove to the railroad display there.

Colorado & Southern 2-8-0 638.

A sign about the engine.

Colorado & Southern coach 545.

CB&Q caboose 10707.

The rear end of this railroad display.

A steamroller.

One last view of Colorado & Southern 2-8-0 638. We drove over to our next stop.

The Santa Fe Railroad Trinidad freight house. Now we would wait for the Southwest Chief.

Amtrak Southwest Chief train 3 arrived into Trinidad. We left town and headed south on I 25 to the Starkville exit and set up at the grade crossing at the County Road 18.3 for our next set of pictures.

The Southwest Chief at Starkville. We got back on I 25 south to the Clear Creek Road exit and went out on the bridge over Clear Creek and the BNSF railroad and set up for the next set of pictures.

The Southwest Chief from the bridge at the Cleat Creek exit off of Interstate 25. We headed south and pulled off just south of the Dick Wootten Ranch sign and set up for the next series of pictures.

What a location to watch the Southwest Chief climb the steep grade of Raton Pass. From here we drove to Canyon Drive just north of Raton and set up for the next series of pictures.

The Southwest Chief comes down the grade into Raton, New Mexico. From here we drove south on Interstate 25 to the Exit 404 and a left on old US 85 to the semaphores at Colmar. We walked over to the semaphores.

The semaphores in the high green and yellow positions.

We would know when the train is near when the right on drops to the red position and the train is in the block.

A few minutes later the right signal did just that!

The Southwest Chief splits the semaphores at Colmar, New Mexico.

We waited a few minutes then said goodbye to the Semaphores of Colmar. we headed south on old US 85 to the next on-ramp to Interstate 25.

Wagon Mound before I got on Interstate 25. We drove south to Las Vegas to our next stop.

A cloud with a face.

Santa Fe 2-6-2 1129 at Las Vegas on display.

Sign about the steam engine. We gassed up the car and Robin got himself some lunch. We returned to Interstate 25 taking it to Exit 330 to the Bernal semaphores. We parked and set up for the next series of pictures.

The semaphores on Bernal, New Mexico.

The train is in the block.

The Southwest Chief splits to semaphore signals at Bernal. We returned to Interstate 25 south heading to our next planned stop on this trip.

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