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The Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad First Annual Post Winterail Steam Excursion Sunday 3/20/2016 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

We all reboarded the train.

The RDC has a face you can only love!

Steve Barry now aboard our train.

Elizabeth posed for a picture.

The eyes are always watching!

The train now heads north to our photo runbys at the Nelahem River Bridge.

Chris Parker and Bob Riskie.

We are leaving Wheeler behind us.

The Nehalem River.

A recent mud slide came down this hill.

The remains covers the siding.

The train crossed the Nehalem River on a 707 foot long single truss structure. This was my first time detraining for a photo off of a railroad bridge. We all walked down into the floodplain to form a photo line.

Back up move at the Nelahem River Bridge.

Photo Runby 1 at the Nelahem River Bridge.

Back up move 2 at the Nelahem River Bridge.

Photo Runby 2 at the Nelahem River Bridge. We all headed back to the train.

The McCloud Railway 25 waits for the passengers to return to the train.

The last of our passengers making their way back to the train. Once aboard we will depart for Garibadli.

We ran back along Nelahem Bay to Wheeler.

The McCloud Railway 25 cut off of our train to run around the train at Wheeler.

The engine made it by the train on the siding but then the switch lock would not work.

A nice location for a picture of the McCloud Railway 25. I said, "If you hit the bottom with a rock most time it shakes the tumblers and then the lock works". Someone down on the ground heard that then went and did just that.

Still waiting. They got the switch lock finally work.

The engine backed onto the mainline. Now it will couple up to our train.

The engine coupled onto our train and after an air test we started back to Garibadli. I relaxed and talked with Elizabeth on the return trip. We were almost back when an air hose between the RDC and open car came undone. It took a few minutes to reconnect it and soon we were on the way back.

One last picture of my old friend the McCloud Railway 25. It had been a fantastic trip aboard the Oregon Coast Scenic Railroad but now I had to get back to the Portland Airport. I was first off the train and out of their parking lot onto US 101 and I was on my way leaving Garibadli at 1:48 PM.

The drive back to the Portland Airport 3/20/2016

I drove carefully over the coast mountains and then onto their freeway system and made my way back to Portland Airport and returned to rental car. I got my boarding passes and went through security pre-sceened which was very quick and nice. I found Chris at his gate and we talked about things before I walked over to my gate and waited to board my flight to Sacramento.

Southwest Airlines Flight 2618 3/20/2016

We boarded this flight and we were warned about a bumpy ride. It wasn't too bad but it was clouds all the way to Sacramento where I arrived safely. I called Robin with the new we would be leaving twenty minutes late.

Southwest Airlines Flight 2694 3/20/2016

I boarded this flight which made up time and it was a smooth ride and we came straight from the south tonight, something I had never done before. Once on the ground I called Robin who was at the 405 and Euclid so I walked out to the front of the airport and when I got there he pulled up and we were off for home. Robin got me home before 11:00 PM and it was so good to be back home. It had been one great Winterail 2016 trip to Corvallis, Oregon and yes I will be there in 2017.