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La Plata Spring Railfan Event 2016 Day 2 4/3/2016

by Chris Guenzler

I ate as I put the corrections into yesterday's story then checked the Southwest Chief which was already in Kansas City. I posted my story then left the Depot Inn & Suites for my newest photo location just east of Revere at County Road MP 261.69. I heard an eastbound train coming blowing through the crossings at Revere.

BNSF 4158 East at the County Road MP 261.69 east of Medill. From here I drove to my next new photo location at County Road MP 285.45 west of Revere. As I pulled up as usual a westbound BNSF train beat me to that location. This is the fourth time so far on this trip this has happened.

A BNSF Shunt which is the termination point of track circuit usually at a grade crossing. Thank you EMD-F125 on for this information.

ATS trackside moniter. ATS stands for Automatic Train Stop. Just as my first train arrived a Union Pacific stack train arrived from the east on Track 1 as my eastbound was arriving.

BNSF 4950 East at the County Road MP 285.45 west of Revere.

Amtrak Southwest Chief doing all of 90 MPH at the County Road MP 285.45 west of Revere. From here, I drove into Memphis to find the CB&Q station, A big thank you to Tom Anderson for his phone directions to the station.

The CB&Q station in Memphis, Missouri. Next I drove back to South Gorin,

Lupins is this field. I arrived into South Gorin and just as I was coming in an eastbound BNSF train beat me to the crossing. That makes 5 trains I have missed by seconds on this trip.

The BNSF train I missed heading east at South Gorin. I set up at another new location for me.

BNSF 3939 East at the Route U&A MP 277.83. From here I went to my last new photo location east of Baring.

An Automatic Train Stop device.

A westbound photo location. I next heard an eastbound train at Baring coming my way.

BNSF 5377 at the westbound approach signals east of Baring.

I found the two arches for a creek before I started back. From here I drove into Kirksville first stopping at Subway to get my dinner for tonight then Wing Thing at Pizza Hut for an 8 pack of Teriyaki wings for my lunch. I next drove to the Chris Guenzler Million Mile Lookout Point to show you what is taking place between now and July 1st, 2016.

The work going on. New inside braces for insulation then new outside siding will be put on it, as well as a new door on the side to make getting out to see trains much safer. A window will replace the door. Once done, the Chris Guenzler Million Mile Lookout Point will be much warmer and better than before. If you want to donate, contact the American Passenger Rail Heritage Foundation on their web page and donate to this project. I next gassed up the rental car at Casey's. I returned to the Depot Inn & Suites but had two pictures to take. People donated to a walkway made out of bricks.

Bob Alkire's brick.

Elizabeth Akire's brick. I went back to Room V, had my wings and worked on the story while listening to the Pittsburgh Penguins vs the Philadelphia Flyers. Kris Letang had his 47th and 48th assists during the game extending his six-game point streak and the Penguins won 6-2. I enjoyed my dinner during the third period of the game then watched some TV before going down to pick up John Green and his friend off the westbound Southwest Chief. His train was delayed by the California Zephyr hitting a truck at Somonauk, Illinois. We decided what we would do the next two days of my visit here and then called it a night.