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Colorado Railroading Part 3 7/5/2016

by Chris Guenzler

We arrived at the Cumbres & Toltec Railroad in Antonito and started looking around.

C&TSRR 2-8-2 K37 493 was on a display train at the main entrance to the parking lot.

D&RGW stock car 5747.

D&RGW refrigerator car 186

D&RGW box car 3524.

D&RGW stock cars.

C&TSRR passenger car 211.

D&RGW flat car 6509.

D&RGW side dump gondola.

D&RGW water tower and hand car shed.

C&TSRR passenger cars 500 Alamosa and 503 Big Horn.

C&TSRR passenger cars 504 Sublette and 508 San Luis.

D&RGW hopper car.

D&RGW flanger OJ.

D&RGW flat car 6849.

C&TSRR 47 tonner 19.

D&RGW flat car.

DLCW flat car 6801.

D&RGW caboose 05635.

Three new C&TSRR tank cars.

UTLX tank car 11036.

C&TSRR new flat car.

D&RGW box car 3244.

D&RGW flat car 6627.

D&RGW stock car 5955.

D&RGW side dump gondola 632.

D&RGW side dump gondola 756.

D&RGW gondola 727.

D&RGW stock car.

D&RGW Pile Driver OB.

D&RGW baggage car.

Rio Grande Sleeper.

D&RGW Cook Car 053.

D&RGW box car.

D&RGW box car 256.

D&RGW passenger car.

D&RGW passenger car.

D&RGW box car.

C&TSRR 2-6-2 K37 494.

D&RGW outside braced box car 68301.

D&RGW outside braced box car 67971.

D&RGW 010973.

D&RGW 4-6-0 168.

The current C&TSRR station in Antonito. We headed into downtown Antonito.

The D&RGW Antonito station. We headed north to La Jara.

The D&RGW La Jara station. We headed to Alamosa.

The D&RGW Alamosa station.

Minnesota Zephyr Dinner Train F7A 788 ex BN 752 nee NP 6019.

Minnesota Zephyr Dinner Train F7A 787 ex BN 716, 9756, 972553L, 9756, nee SP&S 804.

Candian National F7B 6622.

Carolina Southern F7A 9163. From here we drove to Cole Park.

D&RGW 4-6-0 169 along with B-1 Business Car. From here we drove to the San Luis Central shops.

San Luis Central SW-9 70 at Sugar Creek Jct shops. From here we headed to Monte Vista.

The D&RGW Monte Vista station. From here we headed to Del Norte.

Tank cars in storage.

The D&RGW Del Norte station. From here we headed west to South Fork.

Stored freight cars. We arrived into South Fork and found the Denver Rio Grande Railroad.

Southern Pacific B30-7 7863.

D&RGW South Fork station.

44 toner 44.

Locomotive 1.

Observation car 99.

Pasenger car.

Passenger equipment not being used in 2016.

D&RGW box car 3088.

D&RGW stock car. From here we stopped at the railroad display in South Fork.

The water tower in South Fork is behind a string of coal car in storage.

Seaboard Coast Line observation car ppcx 6401.

White Satin Brighton 44 tonner 1.

Santa Fe Business Car 36.

The water tower in South Fork. From here we drove to Sailda. Here there is another steam engine.

Koppers Company Railway 0-4-0T 40.

Semaphore signal at this railroad display in Sailda. We checked into the Classic America Inn and had an excellent meal at the Quincy Restaurant in Sailda before we returned to our room for the night.