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Durango & Silverton Railroad Part 2 7/4/2016

by Chris Guenzler

We now would look around Silverton.

The Grand Imperial Hotel lobby.

The Silverton Northern engine house.

D&RGW box car.

D&RGW refrigerator car 54.

D&RGW speader.

GB&L box car 04351.

D&RGW box car 3870.

D&RGW side dump gondola 871.

D&RGW gondola 1400.

D&RGW crane.

D&RGW gondola.

D&RGW gondola 789.

D&RGW gondola 873.

D&RGW gondola 795.

D&RGW gondola 818.

D&RGW gondola.

D&RGW gondola 827.

D&RGW gondola 777.

D&RGW box cars.

A string of D&RGW gondolas.

D&RGW flat car 1204.

D&RGW flat car.

D&RGW gondola 858.

D&RGW box car 3543.

D&RGW box car 3097.

D&RGW box car 3401.

D&RGW stock car 5605.

D&RGW stock car 5827.

D&RGW gondola 1313.

D&RGW tool car rotary OM.

D&RGW 04963.

D&RGW Silverton station.

PB switcher 11.

D&SNG flat car 6508.

D&RGW covered open air car 402.

D&RGW stock car 6584.

D&RGW stock car 5627.

The south end of the string of the D&RGW gonodolas.

Silverton Northern caboose 1005.

D&RGW caboose 01511.

Santa Fe caboose 999001. Now I would go back to the tracks to wait for the 2nd Train to arrive into Silverton.

The second train is arriving into Silverton.

The second train is now backing to the Silverton wye.

Our train is returning from the Silverton wye.

The third train arriving into Silverton. I walked back to the boarding area.

Our train is ready to leave for Durango.I found Robin who had lunch and then boarded our covered open air car.

Train 3 is headed to the Silverton wye.

Train 2 returns to their boarding area.

A family from Grand Junction.

Train 2 as our train left Silverton.

Train 3 is on the Silverton wye.

The Cleveland Slide zone.

A waterfall along our route.

The old railroad bridge that I rode over on my first trip here in 1974.

The train and the Animas River.

The train took a couple of open area curves.

Later at the Tall Timber Resort station stop.

The train and the Animas River.

Railroad equipment at Tacoma.

The train and the Animas River.

The train crossed the Animas River. Now the trip on the High Line.

The trip over the High Line. We had mooners in the Animas River as we followed it back to Durango.

Later we returned to Durango. It had been a fantastic trip aboard the Durango & Silverton Railroad. I would like to thank them for having us here today.

Now we would drive to the Las Animas Live Steamers. But we had to pull off the highway on the way there.

The 2nd train from Silverton returns to Durango.

Las Animas Live Steamers

We pulled up and meet Andy Saez and we went inside and met his lovely wife and their family dog who sniffed and licked us showing them he liked us. Andy took us on a tour.

The Santa Fe Whoville station

The 3rd train returned from Silverton.

Santa Fe Caboose 999452.

The semaphore signal came from the Santa Fe Raton Line.

We had a operational wig wag signal from the Central Valley.

Harvey Girl and Santa Fe conductor models.

The station agent's office in the depot.

In the station's phone box I think you get the connection to Whoville.

The ballistic train car model that works.

The Whoville station ticket stock. Andy used to work for the Santa Fe Railway.

This shay is owned by Andy.

An engine light display.

This switch stand is from Dyer from the Southern Pacific in my hometown of Santa Ana. We thanked them for having us and we headed first to Burger King in Durango to pick up dinner to go. We then started driving to Pagosa Springs.

We drove and saw Chimney Rock. After that we drove to the San Juan Inn and Cabins for the night.