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Tioga Pass Private Car Trip to San Diego 12/11/2016 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

From CP Eastbrook to Oceanside.

From CP Eastbrook to the Oceanside station. Next we will see the current construction project in Oceanside for a new platform to keep the Coasters off the mainline during their layovers here in this new siding they are building.

On this trip through the construction zone you even got to see the Sprinter. I returned inside and waited until we got to Solana Beach then passed the old Del Mar station until I returned to the rear platform. I will show you our trek across the Del Mar Bluffs.

The trip along the Del Mar Bluffs. Now I will show you the bridges they have been working on for about two years in the Soledad Lagoon along Los Penasquitos Creek. They are trying to keep the creosote out of the water so it won't harm the wildlifein this unique lagoon.

This is a unique construction project. Next we will see the track from CP Torrey through CP Sorrento to CP Scripps. They had raised the tracks up five feet to prevent flooding from Los Penasquitos Creek.

The trip to just around the corners from CP Scripps. I went inside as the train climbed the rest of Mirmar Hill and into top of Rose Canyon when I returned outside for most of the rest of the trip to San Diego.

The old Santa Fe helper switches so they could cut off the steam engines before they reached the summit of the northbound grade.

A new signal bridge. Next CP Rose.

CP Rose is a crossover which replaced CP Elvira.

Another new signal bridge. Now we will look at the construction project to double track from old CP Elvira to CP Moreno.

This is another major rail construction project on the Surfline. I returned inside and paid Norm cash for my trip today. After the Old Town station stop I went outside for two more pictures before we arrived into San Diego.

There is a new crossover called CP Convair. I returned inside for the rest of the trip to San Diego. We all stayed on the car until after they cut our car off of the train at the south end of the station. Chris Parker stayed on the car and slept as he wasn't feeling to good today. Robin went to the Midway and I used my trolley pass and went to San Ysirdo. On the return trip I shot the picture below.

The San Diego & Imperial Valley Railroad engine in San Ysirdo. I detrained at E Street in Chula Vista and went to the Black Angus for a Top Sirloin Dinner. After an excellent meal I decided to get a set of trolley pictures.

San Diego Trolley at E Street in Chula Vista. I returned on the trolley to 12th & Imperial then transferred to the Green Line back to the Santa Fe Station and the Tioga Pass.

The Tioga Pass.

The Pacific Sands would be returning with us to Los Angeles. I talked with the other passengers until the Pacific Surfliner 580 arrived to couple up us and I went outside to watch it all take place. I then saw CJ, our conductor for both trips tonight. I enjoyed a Coca-Cola then ice cream bar on the return trip. Chris felt much better and Robin had a fantastic visit on the Midway. I rode the platform from about CP Plugas all the way to CP Serra then also all the way through Santa Ana and later across the Los Angeles River Flyover. We arrived into LAUPT a few minutes late and I said goodbye and a big thank you to Norm for an excellent day of trainriding. Robin and I walked down and up to Pacific Surfliner 796 and then the Sunset Limited backed into LAUPT. We left LAUPT on timeand had a quick trip down to Santa Ana where we said goodnight to Conductor CJ and then Robin and I both drove home after an excellent full day of train riding.