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A Tioga Pass Private Car Trip Los Angeles to San Diego and return 12/11/2016

by Chris Guenzler

Chris Parker told me about an ad on Trainorders about the Tioga Pass private car trip LA to San Diego and return. I called Norm Orfall and got myself on the trip then told Robin Bowers who also got on the trip. Robin and I would leave Santa Ana on Pacific Surfliner 1761 to LAUPT, meet Chris Parker there, go to Philippe's for a early lunch then board the car. We would pay Norm then have a whole day of fun on his Tioga Pass.

12/11/2016 I got up at 5:00 AM, put the corrections in my Beaumont Pass story then uploaded it to my Railfanning Page, fixed breakfast then drove to the Santa Ana train station. I decided to take a few pictures this early morning before Robin arrived.

Santa Ana station on this early morning with the sky begining to drip.

Pacific Surfliner 1561, a low level train set arrived into Santa Ana with Robin and I boarding the first coach. I bought some SD Trolley Day Passes for only 5 dollars from the cafe attendant. I enjoyed a Coca Cola as we made our way to LAUPT. The train arrived on time aand I was off for a better picture of my train which brought me here.

Pacific Surfliner 1761 at rest at LAUPT. From here we walked over to Philippe's and had a French Dipped Roast Beef Sandwich, cottage cheese and a Coca Cola. Chris Parker soon joined us and we all got caught up on things. Philippe's has an excellent trolley display in their back room and I had ridden several of the lines in the display. Robin and I then walked back to LAUPT to Track 9A where the Tioga Pass was at rest.

The Tioga Pass at LAUPT. I then boarded the car and was ready for the trip today. I gave Norm one of my railroad calendars and talked with the other passengers as they arrived on board. The train left LAUPT on time.

The train left LAUPT with the Coast Starlight waiting for its 10:15 AM departure for Seattle. I returned inside the car and talked with the other passengers as well as ejoying Norm's stories of his days with the Santa Fe Railroad. The train made a fast trip to Fullerton where we picked up two more passengers then sprinted to Anaheim where there were plenty of Los Angeles Ram fans waiting for Pacific Surfliner 567 to take them to their game today. The train ran to Orange and I went onto the rear platform to give you a trip through Santa Ana, including the station stop there. We start with the crossong of Santiago Creek then through CP Lincoln.

The train has reached the City of Tustin and I returned inside for more great conversation. The train stopped at Irvine then climbed to the highest point on the Surfline before dropping down the grade to San Juan Capistrano, our next station stop. The train ran the rest of the way to the beach and I went outside on the rear platform. Now lets enjoy the ride along the beach south to County Line.

View heading along the beach.

The Haines Family came to see us go by on this late morning. Michael who is a 5th Grade teacher I work with first thing in my mornings at Heninger Elementary School in Santa Ana. Now back to the trip.

The train has reached County Line and entered San Diego County. Now enjoy the rear views from County Line to just before CP Don.

The trip to just before CP Don. Now lets look at CP Don.

CP Don is the south end of the current double track from CP Songs. Now lets enjoy the rear views on down to CP Eastbrook.

The trip at CP Eastbrook.

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