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Winterail 2016 and getting to Corvallis 3/18/2016

by Chris Guenzler

We left the Oregon Rail Heritage Center and headed to a MacDonalds in Canby where I had Hot Cakes and sausage. We then drove to our first stop in Canby.

Oregon Pacific GMD SW9 1202 (rebuilt into SW1200RSu specs), built in 1955. From here we headed to the Southern Pacific Canby station

The group has this caboose.

The Southern Pacific Canby station.

The west end of the building.

A semaphore signal.

The caboose again.

The rear of the Canby station.

A Wig Wag crossing signal.

The Speeder Car Garage at Canby. From here we drove south to Woodburn to the display of Southern Pacific 2-6-0 1785.

Wig Wag crossing signal in Woodburn.

Another semaphore signal.

The sign about Southern Pacific 2-6-0 1785.

Southern Pacific 2-6-0 1785. We came back to the cars and found that the Alkire car had a flat tire. Elizabeth and I left for just a few minutes to go and shoot the station in town.

The Southern Pacific station in Woodburn is now at St. Lukes School and is used as their Teen Center. We reurned to Bob and Chris and after getting the time for the tow, Bob sent Elizabeth off with Chris and I and we headed to our next stop at Mt. Angel.

The Mt. Angel Southern Pacific station. From here we headed to the Gallon Covered Bridge.

The Gallon Covered Bridge is a Howe Truss Span built in 1916. Next we drove into Silverton.

The Silverton Southern Pacific station moved here to be the Silverton Chamber of Commerce. We next drove to Lebanon.

The Lebanon Southern Pacific Station. The BN sign post here is because the Oregon Electric built the line east to Sweethome and further to Dollar. From here we drove east to Sweethome.

Weddle Covered Bridge built in 1937 at Thomas Creek then moved here in 1987.

Dahlenburg Covered Bridge built in 1989 over Ames Creek. We stopped at A&W in Sweethome so I could get a hot dog for my dinner then drove on to Corvallis and our first stop would be in Avery Park.

Georgia Pacific 2-6-2 5 is on display in Avery Park. Next we headed to NW 6th Street and turned and found a train approaching down the street towards us.

The Corvallis switcher was Portland & Western GP-39-2 2305 came down NW 6th Street then threw the switch so that the Toledo Hauler could come through Corvallis.

Portland & Western Toledo Hauler had Portland & Western GP-40-2P-2 3001, RP4ED 101, GP-39-2 2310, RP4ED 102 and GP-40-2P-2 3002. We went and found one of the two depots still standing in Corvallis.

Willamette Valley and Coast Railroad Depot.

SP&S Pullman 2427 Cromwell.

SP&S Baggage Car 91. We checked into our room at the Corvallis Budget Inn then waited for Gordon before the four of us drove to Corvallis High School for Friday event. Bob met us there when we walked in.

Railfan and Railroad Magazine Friday Night Pizza Party & Slide Show 3/18/2016

Pizza and drinks were served inside at the lunch tables of Corvallis High School. The first presenter was Bruce Kelly with "His time in the east during his Railfan Magazine days". Next was Wayne Monger with "The Powder River Basin". That was followed by David Lange's show "Country Roads". Following that was Greg Molloy "Ecuador" which included some Baldwin narrow-gauge steam locomotives. Mike Pechner went overtime showing his "Northwestern Pacific 2001 to Present". That was followed by Steve Barry's "A trip in Eastern Europe" which was incredible. After a break, Steven J. Brown showed his "VIA Rail's The Skeena" which brought back many memories of my trip on that fantastic rail line. Next was Vic Neves with his "Why I moved to Oregon" show. Charles Lange presented his "Its Popsicle Time". I then had to rush through my "A Year of Trains in the Life of Chris Guenzler", bringing the evening to a close at 10:08. We then returned to the Corvallis Budget Inn for the night.

In search of Covered Bridges 3/19/2016

Chris and I got up and then picked up Bob and Elizabeth at the Rodeway Inn before stopping at MacDonalds for Hot Cakes and sausage for me. We drove out west on US Highway 20 to the Chitwood Covered Bridge.

The Chitwood Covered Bridge was built in 1926. Next we headed back to our next Covered Bridge.

The Harris Covered Bridge built in 1936. We drove back to Corvallis and parked at the Fairgrounds then took a long walk to our next Covered Bridge of the morning.

The Irish Bend Covered Bridge built in 1954.

This was the farthest I had ever walked to get pictures of a covered bridge.

The Llamas were not attacking us! A joke! From here we had one more depot to shoot on Corvallis.

The Southern Pacific Corvallis station used to be at 6th and Monroe Street before being moved here on May 16, 1982.

The sign for the building has that railroad feeling to it.

The historical plaque for the building.

A mural on the building. We took Bob and Elizabeth back to the Rodeway Inn then picked up Gordon before we drove to Winterail 2016 at Corvallis High School.

Winterail 2016 3/19/2016

We arrived and I bought two Colorado and Southern Railroad timetables before I got into the line to save our seats in the theater. At 11:05 AM the doors opened and we sat in the same seats as last night.

Winterail 2016 Afternoon Programs

11:00 a.m. The doors opened to the Theater.
12:15 a.m. Farewell to Simpson Lumber Railroad by Joel Hawthorn
12:40 p.m. Siskiyou Swan Song by David Lange
1:20 p.m. Autumn Days and Autumn Night by Steve Carter
1:36 p.m. Whether the Weather by Charles Dischinger
2:05 p.m. Urban Rail Transit is Boring by David Honan
2:40 p.m. Growing Up Albuquerque by Evan Werkema
3:30 p.m. The shorts were Chicago Rail Song by Steve Brown and the California State Railroad Museum: In the Beginning by Hunter Lohse
3:55 p.m. Three Favorites
4:20 p.m. Dinner Break: We all went to Elmers for an excellent dinner then returned to Corvallis High School where Elizabeth and myself walked a mile around the track.

Winterail Evening

7:00 p.m. Winterail Awards: Photo Contest Winner were announced and Tom Savio was the Winterail Hall of Fame winner for 2016.
7:30 p.m. Chico and Me: Three Decades of Chasing the Santa Fe by Elrond Lawrence
8:10 p.m. Searchlight, Signal Bridges and Cantilevers by Dick Dorn
8:55 p.m. McCloud River Rails by Jeff Moore
9:35 p.m. From Desert to the Sea: Railroading in the Los Angeles Scene by Enrique Contreras

They ran the last two programs without a break so we got done at 9:48 PM and returned to our hotel for a giood night of sleep. It had been another excellent Winterail programs. I will be back next year for sure. Tomorrow our Post Winterail Oragon Coast Excursion.