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A Trip to the Fillmore and Western Railroad

by Chris Guenzler

Robin Bowers had never been to Fillmore and the weekend of limited train service to the south of Santa Ana, decided we would go since it was Fillmore Railfest and they would be running their steam engine. I bought tickets on-line to be picked up at Will Call at the Fillmore station and we were all set for the Sunday 10:00 steam train ride behind Fillmore and Western 2-8-0 14 ex Duluth & Northeastern 2-8-0 14. Robin picked me up at 7:00 AM and we headed to Fillmore. We parked in the Fillmore City Hall lot and started looking around.

Fillmore and Western F7A 100.

Fillmore and Western F7A 101.

Fillmore and Western GP-35 3501.

Disney Lone Ranger Movie Replica 4-4-0 Jupiter.

Fillmore Southern Pacific station.

Two small diesels ride the Fillmore turntable.

Fillmore and Western RS-32 4009.

Fillmore and Western GP-35 3502.

Disney Lone Ranger Movie Replica 4-6-0 148.

Fillmore and Western 2-8-0 14.

West Horizon Railway fake unit was used in the movie "Inception".

Southern Pacific caboose 1119. I picked up our will call tickets then saw Bob Riskie who joined us in a photo line.

Fillmore and Western 2-8-0 14 backed out of the storage yard. I took off running down to the next grade crossing.

I caught this picture of the Fillmore and Western 2-8-0 14.

The Fillmore and Western 2-8-0 14 then crossed over to its train track.

Fillmore and Western S-6 1059.

Fillmore and Western 2-8-0 14 backed to its train.

Coupling up the engine to our train. I then saw that Chris Parker had made it to Fillmore. I then got into line for train boarding and soon were joined by Robin then Bob and Chris.

The loaded the last car first then backed the train so the rest of us could board. The four of us rode on the open car behind the Fillmore and Western 2-8-0 14. This was going to be fun!

The train left Fillmore.

We went past those slumbering diesels.

Then by those passenger cars in storage.

Looking back towards Fillmore.

Ex C&O Dome Car 1851 "Starlight Dome".

Southern Pacific Business Car 99 Houston.

Salt Lake Garfield S-6 DS4.

Ventura County S-6 11.

Movie Props.

Amtrak Coach/Dorm 39923.

The train took the first curve east of Fillmore.

We went in and out of the Fake Tunnel.

We came to the CA Highway 126 grade crossing.

We have left the Fillmore city limits.

Six truss bridges in a field.

The train runs through unique countryside on this beautiful Sunday morning.

The railfans were out and about this morning.

Through the Orange Groves, never around them!

A very beautiful view. We stopped and detrained for a photo runby. I made photo line and had twelve people in my line with a clear sight line of the train. First the back up move.

The back up move. Now the photo runby!

The Photo Runby and the Fillmore and Western 2-8-0 14 put on an excellent show of steam. From here the train returned to Fillmore. We all detrained and then got Tri Tip sandwiches and ate them at a table. Robin and I then drove out to Fish Hatchery Road then set up for the caboose train on its return to Fillmore.

Our Caboose Photo Runby just for the two of us. We returned to Santa Ana fighting the traffic on Interstate 5 but made it home by 2:20 PM ending another excellent railfan adventure!