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Fullerton Railroad Days 2017 5/6/2017

by Chris Guenzler

With no booth to work again this year at Fullerton Railroad Days, this gave me the freedom to ride and make a short visit to this event. I decided to do my normal weekend riding but would not go to Los Angeles instead stop in Fullerton which would be more than enough time to take pictures at the event. Robin Bowers would join me at Santa Ana on my first northbound trip of the morning. So after breakfast, I drove down to Santa Ana and got my Saturday weekend pass then waited for Pacific Surfliner 562 to arrive to take me to Oceanside.

Pacific Surfliner 562 picked me up in Santa Ana and we headed to Oceanside. The train stopped at Irvine followed by San Juan Capistano then we went by Pacific Surfliner 763 at Serra on the way to Oceanside.

My favorite American Flag!

The San Clemente Pier on a stormy morning. We made it to CP Eastbrook where the train dispatcher stopped us at 7:51 AM to wait for Pacific Surfliner 565 which went by us at 8:07 AM. We pulled into Oceanside at 8:12 AM and I ran off the treain through the tunnel and up the stairs.

I paused for this picture of Metrolink 661 with Conductor Henry waiting at the door. I ran on aboard into the last car then two other passengers boarded and we left Oceanside on time at 8:15 AM. I enjoyed a Coca-Cola once I had walked through the train to the bike car and took a table. The train met Pacific Surfliner 564 at CP Capistrano then Robin Bowers boarded at Santa Ana and we then rode the rest of the way to Fullerton where we both detrained. Robin and I walked through the misting rain and went up on the Pedestrian Bridge.

Metrolink 660 leaves Fullerton on this wet morning. This is only the second time that rain has happened at Fullerton Railroad Days; the other time was in 2003 when I was at the sunny Illinois Railway Museum and Richard Hamilton was doing Lets Talk Trains while it was raining in Fullerton.

Overview of Fullerton Railroad Days. We heard a westbound train horn coming our way.

BNSF 4997 West came through Fullerton. We took the elevator down to the Track 4 platform.

Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751 at Fullerton Railroad Days.

Pacific Parlor Car 39972 Napa Valley.

Coast Starlight Business Class Car 34512.

Amtrak Heritage Unit P40 Amtrak/Phase III Heritage Paint Scheme.

Fullerton Railroad Day scenes.

Next came BNSF 6507 East through Fullerton. Now we went over to the grounds, found the bathrooms then started looking around.

Amtrak Thruway Bus 47994.

Disneyland Railroad 4-4-0 1 C.K. Holliday.

Santa Fe 4-8-4 3751 at Fullerton Railroad Days.

San Pete Valley Speeder 01.

San Pete Valley Speeder 02.

The Santa Fe 3751 tent.

Photo T-Shirts area.

California High Speed Rail tent.

Rail Giants Train Museum tent.

CJ's Best Bricks tent.

Daylight Sales Clothing, Shoes & Jewelry tent.

LA Rail tent.

Rail Threads tent.

Somethin' Different Lanterns tent.

Orange Empire Railway Museum.

Amtrak national tent.

Amtrak Coast Starlight tent.

Fullerton American Legion Post 142 tent.

Imagination Depot.

RC Fly Buy tent.

Solar City tent.

LuLaRoe - Lori Shiohama tent.

FHS Football Boosters tent.

Niles Gift Depot.

Irvine Park Railroad tent.

Norm's Train World tent.

Usborne Books tent.

Muckenthaler (Trains, Planes & Automobiles) tent.

Fullerton Fire Department tent.

Fullerton Police Department tent.

Operation Lifesaver tent.

Fullerton Railroad Days Welcoming Tables.

Buddy Young Layout.

Metrolink booth.

Fullerton Police car.

Fullerton Police SWAT Unit. Now lets looks at the Garden Railroads.

The Garden Railroads at Fullerton Railroad Day 2017. Now let us look at the model railroad tent.

Pacific Coast Modular Club, HO gauge layout.

Toy Train Operating Society - Southwestern Division, O-gauge layout.

ZoCal Z-Scale layout.

Southern California 'S' Gaugers, S-gauge layout.

Del Oro Model Trains layout.

Toy Train Collectors Association Western Divison layout.

Orange County LEGO Users Club, HO gauge layout.

CSC On30 Modular Group, On30 gauge layout.

John Bowman, O-gauge layout.

Orange County 'N'gineers, N-gauge layout.

Orange County Modular Railroaders, HO-gauge layout. I next went to the Amtrak car display and walked through the two passenger cars they had here. Next I went back up on the Pedestrain Bridge to watch some real trains.

Fullerton Railroad Day scene.

Pacific Surfliner 567 stopped in Fullerton before heading to Los Angeles.

BNSF 7860 West with a baretable train. I went to wait for Metrolink 662 at my usual spot on Track 3 platform.

BNSF 6893 West with BNSF 90 it was built as a 10-6 sleeper but went through a total revamp when it became a Track Geometry car. After that unique train went through Metrolink 662 came in and picked us up for Oceanside. Today we went to CP Serra and waited for both Metrolink 663 and Pacific Surfliner 573. From there it was straight to Oceanside where Robin went to Burger King to get us lunch while I stayed about to watch our stuff. While in Oceanside both Pacific Surfliners 777 and 572 came in and out of Oceanside. Now aboard Metrolink 665 we had the straight shot trip back to Santa Ana and we detrained two very happy railfans and I had passed my 1,489,000 rail mile just short of Oceanside on my second trip south today.