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Metrolink Special LA Rams Football Trains

by Chris Guenzler

I decide to go out to take pictures of the Metrolink Special LA Rams Football Trains by riding one of them this season. Since they run on my Orange County Line I could catch it in Laguna Niguel on one of the Sundays it ran during the Rams Home NFL Season in 2017 I decided on November 12, 2017 for my trip and I asked Robin to join me. To get my rail mileage we decided to take the Pacific Surfliner 562 down to Oceanside from Santa Ana, then Metrolink 661 to Laguna Niguel where we would catch the LA Rams Special Train 673X take it to Norwalk then take Metrolink 662 back to Oceanside then back to Santa Ana on Metrolink 665 like I almost always do. I rode the trains up until that Sunday morning where I met Robin at Santa Ana for the first leg of our trip and bought our Metrolink Sunday Pass.

We boarded the Cab Car on the rear end and rode to Oceanside before crossing underneath and boarding the Metrolink 661 in the Bike Car. "We had our second run along the surf before all to soon we arrived at Laguna Niguel where we detrained to start our photography/

Two views of Metrolink 673X at Laguna Niguel. I decided to walk to the west side of the station for a front picture of Metrolink 673X at Laguna Niguel. As I did that, Metrolink 857 for Oceanside was also leaving the station for Oceanside was also leaving the station.

Metrolink 857 leaving the station. I did my third time on the new ramps at the Laguna Niguel station and walked past the platform to get my picture.

Metrolink 673X at Laguna Niguel. I walked back to the train and Robin was waiting for me at the ramp. By the time we got back, the train was now open and we took seats in the bike car of this special train. We had boarded about 20 people at Laguna Niguel before we left on time at 9:35 AM. It is too bad that Metrolink does not run this service out of Oceanside that forces the Ram Fans from points south of Laguna Niguel to take the regular Sunday trains that fill them up. We stopped at Irvine picking up another 24 fans then went to Tustin for 30 more fans, Santa Ana 20 fans, Orange 22 fans, Anaheim 18 fans and Fullerton 5 fans and Buena Park 7 fans and Norwalk 3 fans. We detrained at Norwalk and went up onto the Pedestrian Bridge over the BNSF mainline.

Pacific Surfliner 1567 went through Norwalk. We went down to trackside and boarded Metrolink 662 for Oceanside then took Metrolink 665 back home to Santa Ana.

Jump ahead to Sunday November 26, 2017 and I had another chance to photograph the LA Rams Special Train. I got another Sunday Weekend Pass and took Pacific Surfliner 562 down to Oceanside. Here they dropped me off on Track 2 and while I was waiting for Metrolink 661, Pacific Surfliner came into Oceanside with a low level Pacific Surfliner train set this morning.

Pacific Surfliner 565 at Oceanside.

Amtrak's Veteran Cabbage Car 90208 at Oceanside.Metrolink 661 then arrived in Oceanside late this morning and we departed 15 minutes late I rode this train to Norwalk as Rams and Saints fans also boarded the normal train. Once there I went up on the pedestrian bridge over the BNSF mainline. I got there with no train blocking my view this morning.

Metrolink Special Rams Football Train 753X from Perris at Norwalk.

BNSF 7939 East came and stopped at Norwalk. So much for my clear view pictures!

Pacific Surfliner 768 at Norwalk.

Metrolink Special Rams Football Train 763X from Laguna Niguel at Norwalk.

While I was shooting the Metrolink train this BNSF freight snuck by me so I only got a tail end view of this train.

Pacific Surfliner 1567 at Norwalk.

BNSF 7928 West at Norwalk. From here I went trackside to wait for Metrolink 662 from Los Angeles.

BNSF 7772 East at Norwalk. I took Metrolink 662 down to Oceanside but was warned by my conductor that this train set I was on was out of service once we arrived there. Once we did, I helped the crew keep the waiting passengers off the now dead train set. I went over to Burger King and while ordering, I heard "Mr Chris!" I turned around and sitting there on a booth was one of my kids from Heninger along with his family. The dead train left and I took my hamburger over to Track 2 to eat it there.

Pacific Surfliner 777 came into Oceanside and would wait for the new Metrolink 665 to arrive back into the station. A few minutes later here came Metrolink 665 into the station and I was shocked by the consist of this train.

Metrolink 665 had a cab car leading then a coach, an engine then a second cab car, three more coaches and a second engine.

Our conductor walked by the forward engine. I knew no one would believe me if I didn't get a better picture of it.

The funkiest Metrolink train I have ridden Metrolink 665. I took this train and rode it back to Santa Ana ending another railfanning adventure.