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Pacific Railroad Society Perris Express Trip 1/19/2017 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

The busses were waiting and we all got on the first bus. They left together and when we arrived I got off and made a beeline to the tent where lunch was being served. No one was there so it was self service and being second in line sure paid off. I made up my plate and ate it quickly so I could ride the 2 PM steam train. There were no drinks with lunch at this point. I finished and found the line wrapped around the corner of the tent and going a way beyond it. I walked over to the front of the steam train finding my dear friend, Carl Morrison, who just happened to be out at Perris this afternoon.

Pacific Electric Hollywood Car 717 built 1922.

Ventura County 2-6-2 2 on the point of our steam train. I boarded the third car for my round trip to 7th Street in Perris.

The line for the PRS lunch. At 2 PM the steam train whistled off and we were on our way.

The PCC car heads down Alpine Drive.

A kid commented that this looks like the iceberg that sunk the Titanic.

This was as far as we came on this trip.

A picture on the return trip. I detrained and walked back to the normally off limits Car Barn 7 for my first ever look inside of it and the collection within.

OERM S-12 844.

USN VO-1000 8.

US Army 45-Ton Switcher 7441. Now to walk inside!

Union Pacific E8A 942.

Southern Pacific U25-B 3100.

Pacific Electric 314 built 1930 in St Louis.

Southern Pacific RSD-12 2958 built in 1961.

DOT MRSD-1 1975.

United States Air Force B-B-90/90 8580 built 1944.

Two pieces of equipment under restoration.

Santa Fe wooden caboose 1421.

Pacific Electric wooden caboose 1970.

American Potash & Chemical Company E-513 is a 1956 Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton product.

A steel observation car.

Santa Fe Drover's Caboose 918 which I toured.

A trolley from the Santa Fe Drover's Caboose 918.

A wooden box Car under going repainting.

The view outside!

Santa Fe FP-45 98 under restoration.

The Restoration Area on Car Barn 7.

New Jersey Transit Cab Car 5113. I then took the shuttle train from Car Barn 7 to Car Barn 4. Outside Car Barn 4 I took my first picture.

Pacific Electric 498 built 1913.

Pacific Electric Blimp 418 built 1914.

Sacramento Northern electric locomotive 653 built 1928.

Pacific Electric Premier Business Car 1299.

Dublin Ireland Double Deck Tram GR 2 built 1901.

Pacific Electric Hollywood Car 655.

Pacific Electric MU Coach 1001 built 1913.

A Santa Fe Cattle Car 25840, Santa Fe Refrigator Car 49131 and a Tonopah & Tidewater Box Car 111 built c1885. I next went inside Car Barn 2.

Pacific Electric box motor 1624.

Hutchinson & Northern Steeplecab 1 built in 1921.

Yakima Valley Transportation Baldwin-Westinghouse Electric Locomotive 297 built 1923.

Pacific Electric Birney Safety Car 331 built 1918.

San Francisco Muni Type K 171.

Old Pueblo Trolley 10 which is really PE 332 built 1918. Now I would go ride the loop streetcar.

Los Angeles Railway PCC 3001, was the car I rode around the loop on.

LAMTA 525 BG Standard St. Louis 1906.

LAMTA PCC car 3165 and LATL Crane Car 9225 built 1912.

Los Angeles Railway Rail Grinder 9310. From this Car Barn we headed north with one stop to make on the way there.

Los Angeles Railway PCC 3001 was the first PCC type car delivered to Los Angeles built in 1937. In the Grizzly Flats Railroad Building I found the following.

Grizzly Flats Railroad Emma Nevada 2-6-0 2 built by Baldwin in 1881.

Union Pacific 2-8-2 2564. Now I would walk ouside the property and set up to photograph the 4:00 PM run of the steam train.

MMy photo location. At 4:00 PM I heard the steam whistle and I hoped that the sun behind the clouds would work with me. I saw the smoke coming my way and I was ready to catch the action.

Ventura County 2-6-2 2 put on a excellent show of steam for me at my own private photo runby. From here I walked back to the Museum's book store and bought "The Shortlines of the Intermountain West" by Jim Shaw. I walked back to my bus and sat down to look at my new book. Once I had a gentlemen said the driver was going to open up bus three over and I went there to get out of the cold breeze which had picked up in front of our next big storm for the next two days. I did some Sodoku Puzzles as I waited for our bus to fill up. Once we were filled they let us return to the Perris Metrolink station. You could either get off the bus here or stay in the warmth of the bus until the train pulled in. You all know I got off the bus.

The Perris Express back to Los Angeles.

About five minutes later I heard the Metrolink horn then the crossing gates went down and the train was on final approach from South Perris.

The Perris Express returned to the Perris station. I boarded the same bike car but at the table on the other side of the car. Cell phones are great for telling your friends what car you are in when they are on a bus coming to the train. Once everyone had returned to the train including Chris and Robin the Perris Express left Perris at 6:00 PM or 15 minutes early and we headed back up to Highgrove making no stops until we got there to wait for Metrolink 860 to clear out of our way. We only slowed down near Esperanza as we had passed train 4, the Southwest Chief, just east of the Horseshoe Bend in Santa Ana Canyon. We made no other stops and arrived into LAUPT at 7:50 PM or 1 hour and 50 minutes Perris to LAUPT vs 2 hours and twenty minutes for a regular Metrolink train. We had lived up to our name, the Metrolink Perris Express. A special thanks to the Pacific Railroad Society, Orange Empire Railway Museum and our five great bus drivers all of whom made this one excellent trip. We walked over to track 12 to wait for Pacific Surfliner 592 to open their doors. They opened my door and scanned our tickets before we boarded and I sat with Kirkle Rama and we got caught up with things before he detrained at Fullerton. I sat with a tired Robin the rest of the way to Santa Ana where we ended this excellent Perris Express Trip.