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A Trip to San Bernardino 4/29/2017

by Chris Guenzler

With no train service to the south due to track construction projects, I decide to ride out to San Bernardino to see the new train platforms there. So I got up early, drove to the Santa Ana station and parked in the parking structure. I bought my Metrolink Saturday Day Pass and walked the Santa Ana Boulevard grade crossing to get to Track 1.

The dead-heading Pacific Surfliner 763 equipment set flew through Santa Ana on its way to becoming the real Pacific Surfliner 763 this morning. Amtrak is running only to Irvine and Metrolink stopped all of its train service at Laguna Niguel, so that is the reason I was going to San Bernardino this day.

Pacific Surfliner 1761 arrived with the Vino Trains cars at the front end. I enjoyed a Coca-Cola on the quick trip to Los Angeles this morning where I stepped off and walked to the front of the train and around to the other side.

The front end of Pacific Surfliner 1761.

The "Overland Trail" is former Southern Pacific 2981, a club-lounge car, built in 1949 by the Pullman Standard Company.

The "Pacific Trail" is former Union Pacific 5430, a 44 seat chair car, built in 1950 by Pullman Standard Company.

The "Acoma" built in 1936 by Budd Commpany and was designed for the Santa Fe for the new streamlined Super Chief. It was the first, full-sized, all-stainless steel, "streamlined" lounge car built for any railroad.

Amtrak Veterans Cabbage Car 90208. I then tapped my Metrolink ticket at the subway gate and went to platform to wait for a Purple Line train to Wilshire/Western. It came about fifteen minutes later and I made my round trip with no problems then returned to Union Station and went up to Track 6 to board Metrolink 354 for San Bernardino. The train left on time and passed the first westbound train at Bassett. Later I took some more pictures along the line.

The Santa Fe station in Claremont.

The Santa Fe station in Upland.

Later we crossed the flyover into San Bernardino and used the new station platform. I detrained a happy railfan.

The new Metrolink signal bridge.

Metrolink train 364 at rest here.

The locomotive end of Metrolink 364 at rest at San Bernardino. I went inside the station and walked through the railroad museum before going back outside on a very nice pleasant day. I later boarded Metrolink 359 for my return trip to Los Angeles where I had two Wetzel Pretzels then walked to Track 8 where the signs read "Metrolink 664 will operate 1 hour late due to bus bridge problems". I was not a happy camper. A Metrolink official then came by and said "The train would be here in ten minutes" Sure enough, the train arrived at LAUPT at 2:10 PM and we left at 2:23 PM, 23 minutes late.

Three of the Metrolink's new F125 locomotives at the Keller Yard.

Amtrak Veterans Unit 42 would be on the point of tonight's Southwest Chief Train 4 to Chicago.

Amtrak Heritage Unit 822 at Redondo Jct.

One of the two Metrolink's new F125 locomotives at Commerce. It was a fast trip back to Santa Ana and I detrained one very happy railfan and drove home.