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Coast Starlight home from Seattle 1/9-10/2017

by Chris Guenzler

We got up and 6:15 AM and I posted the Orange County Railway Historical Society Meeting notice up on before having breakfast. I checked things on the Internet before we left the Alkire's house for the last time on this trip. I really truely hated to leave. Bob drove Elizabeth and I down to Edmonds where he dropped us off and would pick up Elizabeth at King Street station and drive her to work in West Seattle. I bought my Sounder ticket using coins froom that evil Link Light Rail ticketing machine yesterday. Elizabeth uses her Orca Card for all her travels. We waited on the handicap platform for Sounder train 1707 to arrive into Edmonds. The two car train arrives and we boarded the second car and took a seat on the mezzanine level Puget Sound side of the train for Seattle. I am always on the lookout for new photo locations along our route. We enjoyed the ride along the shore and then our crossing of the Ballad Locks before we went through the BNSF Interbay Yard. We saw the old tracks of the Seattle Waterfront Streetcar before we plunged into the downtow tunnel and arrived at Seattle King Street station. After the crowd of workers had hurried off to their jobs, we exited the Sounder train.

The pushing end of the train.

The leading end of our Sounder train at King Street. We took the elevators up and over the walkway then walked into King Street station. I put my baggage on a bench and Elizabeth watched them while I walked up the stairs to the balcony high above the waiting room to show you the restored King Street station.

The restored lower level of King Street station. I walked back down stairs for more pictures of this gem of a railroad station.

The lower level of King Street station. I used the facilities then sat with Elizabeth until Bob called and said he was almost there. We said out goodbyes and would see each other when we come up for Winterail 2017 in Corvallis, Oregen. She walked away and I felt sad to see her go! I was at the bench in front of where the sleeping car passengers get their boarding passes for their rooms and I was first in line, got mine then waited in front of Gate 3.

Coast Starlight train 11 1/9/2017

I walked out to the train and met Louie my sleeping car attendant, put my stuff in my room then detrained to get the consist.

Cascade Service Talgo at rest.

The Coast Starlight train 11 at rest in Seattle.This Coast Starlight had engines 817 and 124, baggage 61507, transition 39033, Sleepers 32048, 32072 and 32016 Pennsylvania, diner 38016, Business Class 34512, Lounge 33026 and Coaches 34094, 31000 and 34038. Our AC told me to board now as my door had been shut so I got to walk through the train back to my room 3 in the 32072. We departed Seattle at 9:39 AM (9:35 AM} for minutes late and was heading home.

Leaving the Sounder train behind. We sure had two good trips aboard them on this trip.

The Kent Northern Pacific station still stands south of the Sounder stop in town The train made its trek south to Tacoma where we departed at 10:37 AM {10:21 AM} . Now we will run along the Puget Sound.

Views along the Puget Sound. Later we stopped at Olympia-Lacey and left ay 11:22 AM {11:11 AM} or 11 minutes late.

Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve. The Mima Mounds Natural Area Preserve was established in 1976 to protect rare examples of mima mound landforms and Puget prairie grasslands. The site includes a small Garry oak woodland and savannah (widely spaced oak trees with grass understory) and also supports a variety of prairie dependent butterflies and birds, and Douglas-fir forest. The NAP currently comprises 637 acres of grassland covered mima mounds, forest and oak woodland. In 1966, the National Park Service designated mima mounds a National Natural Landmark, for its representation of our Nation's natural landscape. The site is one of only 17 landmarks found in Washington State.

The Centralia station and we left there at 11:46 AM {11:35 AM} 11 minutes and next we head to Kelso-Longview and at Noon I was called into the Dining Car for lunch. We starting following a freight as I sat down for lunch then he got out of our way at Vader. I was seated with a couple from Rosewell, New Mexico and a lady from Oakland. I had the Angus Beef Burger and pudding for dessert. We stopped in Kelso-Longview at the end of lunch and left at 12:42 pm {12:19 PM}. I put on my DVD of Emerson Lake & Palmer Live at Montreux 1997.

Sleeting on the way to Vancouver. More freight train interfrence on the way to Vancouver.

An oxbow lake.

The Columbia River as we closed into Vancouver which we departed at 1:45 PM {12:58 pm} .

We crossed the Columbia River into Oregon.

Crossing the Willamette River into Portland, our next stion stop of Portland. which we arrived into at 1:50 PM {2:05 PM}. 15 minutes late and I detrained for some pictures and supplies.

The Mt. Bachelor Talgo cab car at Portland Union Station. I went inside and paid $5.00 for two 20 FL OZ Coca-Colas. I walked back out to the train and stopped for one more picture.

Cascade Talgo meet Portland Streetcar. We left Portland Union Station at 2:34 PM {2:25 PM}, 9 minutes late and started up the Willamette Valley.

Crossing the Willamette River. Next I watched Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

Oregon Falls.

Later a bend in the Willamette River. We headed next to Salem leaving there at 3: 49 PM{3:37 PM}.

Albany 4:12 PM {4:10 PM}.

A Willamette & Pacific SD=9 in the yard at Albany.

The Albany Station. We left Albany 4:21 PM {4:10 PM} and headed to Eugene. I took a fresh air break and went inside the station for just a minute. We left Eugene at 5:15 PM {5:10 PM} and heading for the Cascade Mountains as darkness takes hold. At 5:30 PM I went to the Dining Car and was seated across from a couple returning home to Martinez. I had the steak and the Chocolate Lava Cake. Both really hit the spot. I put on my DVD of Best of Both Worlds as we left Oakridge. Near Cascade Summit I put another DVD. The train conquered Cascade Summit and headed to Chemult where we departed 8:22 PM {8:08 PM} where it was snowing. We head now to Klamath Falls where we are going to get there at 9:45 PM but won't leave until after 12:10 PM when our rested crew will take the train south. Didn't I do this delay already on this trip up north. There train didn't arrive in K Falls until 1.37 PM this afternoon. This time I will be sleeping through it all. Every trip is adventure! I went to bed and the train left Klamath Falls at 1:04 AM {10:00 PM}, 3 hours, 4 minutes late.

1/10/2017 Before Dunsmuir the train then got delayed and went by a major rock slide.The train left Dunsmuir at 3:29 AM { 12:35 AM} and the went from siding to siding meeting Union Pacific feight trains. I got up at 6:00 AM and took a cold shower before changing clothes. At 6:30 AM I was seated in the Dining Car with a man from Laguna Woods, a student for Cal Poly San Luis Obispo and another man from San Luis Obispo. I had the Buttermilk Pancakes and sausage patties. We stopped at Redding near the end of my meal at 7:09 AM {2:21 AM}, 4 hours, 48 minutes late. I went back to bed and was asleep again as the train did Chico 8:24 AM {3:50 AM}, 4 hours, 34 minutes late. I got up a short time later and put the bed up and started getting this story caught.

Flooded fields before we crossed the Feather River then made the turn onto the old Western Pacific at Binney Jct. Water, Water everwhere is the title of today's trip. I put on my CD of Keith Emerson Honky on the rainy morning in Northern California.

Flooding in North Sacramento.

Crossing the Yuba River before we made took the Haggin Connection to the old Southern Pacific mainline for the rest of the short trip to Sacramento where we arrived at 9:52 AM. We departed Sacramento at 10:14 AM {6:35 AM}, 3 hours, 39 minutes late.

Crossing the rain swollen Sacramento River as we head through West Sacramento. Next the crossing of the Yolo Bypass which I can't wait to see.

The crossing of the Yolo Bypass. This is the first time in 11 years that the Yolo Bypass has been used to keep flood waters out of Sacramento.

Davis station where my brother Bruce once worked. I sure miss my brother Bruce even after all this time. We left Davis at 10:34 AM 6:50 AM 3 hours, 44 minutes late and we head next to Martinez with me listening to my CD of the Young Dubliners With All Due Respect.

Crossing the Martinez Carquinez Strait Bridge into Martinez, our next stop.Union Pacific 2678 East came through Martinez while we were here. We departed Martinez 11:26 AM {7:34 AM}, 3 hours, 52 minutes late.

Rolling along the Carquinez Straits west to Emeryville. I have a Noon luch reservation so I am doing good. The train stopped at Emeryville and I was called into lunch.i was seated with a quiet couple from coach. I enjoyed the Beef Angus Burger and a date chocolate cake. We left Emeryville at 12:12 PM {8:20 AM}, 3 hours, 52 minutes late and headed to Oakland - Jack London Squares tation. Passing through Amtrak West Oakland Coach Yard I saw the non running California Zephyr set due to a rock slide on Donner Pass and two new Caltrains F-125 locomotives. We pulled into Oakland - Jack London Sqaure at 12:12 PM and had to wait longer due to an FRA Inspection of thelocomotives on our train. We departed from Oakland - Jack London Square station at 1:13 PM {8:50 AM}4 hours, 23 minutes late with me watching Alice Cooper Coopertown Reunion 1998. That took me to San Joseand beyond.

Caltrains engines at their maintence facility in San Jose.

Caltrains trains at San Jose. We left San Jose 2:23 PM {10:07 PM}, 4 hours 16 minutes before the train headed to Salinas next. I put on my DVD of Emerson, Lake & Palmer Live at Montreux 1997. It still raining out so that is why there are no photographs in this story. We rolling south of Gilroy and heading into the Pajora Gap where we cross the San Andres Fault where I return to the Pacific Tectonic Plate.

Conrock switcher at their plant. We got delayed by maintence workers clearing off the tracks south of Watsonville Jctas they are cleaning off the tracks from debris that flooded onto them.

The Elkhorn Slough on this rainy afternoon. The train ran on to Salinas. We left Salinas at 4:15 PM {11:48 AM} 4 hours, 27 minutes late. I wrote the story and did the pictures so I could upload when I get home tomorrow. I had a 5:30 PM dinner reservation and was seated with a coach passenger. Tonight I just had the steak. We made it to Paso Robles and left there at 6:15 PM (1:38 PM}, 4 hours, 37 minutes late. I decided to try to sleep for a while so I made the bed and took a nap. While I was asleep we stop at San Luis Obispo 7:46 PM {3:20 PM}, 4 hours, 26 minutes late, Santa Berbara 10:35 PM {6:02 PM}, 4 hours and 43 minutes late, Oxnard 11:19 PM {7:05 PM}, 4 hours and 14 minutes late and Simi Valley 11:19 PM {7:46 PM} 3 hours 43 minutes late where I got up and Louie made up my room. 1/1/2017 The train stopped and left Van Nuys 12:11 PM {8:22 PM}, 3 hours 49 minutes late and left Burbank Airport 12:19, PM {8:31 PM}, 3 hours 46 minutes and then into Los Angeles 12:36 PM {9:00 PM}. Despite the lateness, it been been a great trip with great food and many outstanding view. I want to thank Louie and the entire Dining Car staff for excellent service and Bob and Elizabeth Alkire for an excellent stay and visit with them. I was first off to the bus bays.

On to Santa Ana

The only bus was the late train bus and I lined up and they put my bag under the bus. The bus person came outand tried to scan my ticket but her scanner did not work. She left, then a Thruway Bus from Bakersfield with Santa Ana came in. I knew this bus only stopped in Fullerton so I wanted to ride it home. It would be quicker. After aboutfive minutes they decided that all Fullerton and Santa Ana passengers would ride that bus. The five of us got our bags and walked over to the bus. The bus person came out again and said not to worry about scanning as we were all on the manifest. We boarded the bus and soon left LAUPT with they still not boarding the late bus. I called mymother and told her 45 minutes in the northwest parking lot. It was a rainy night what else is new and our bus driver did an excellent job driving and we stopped dropping off three people in Fullerton. We drove down to Santa Ana where I thanked the driver for the safe trip home. My mother drove me home ending an excellant trip on the Coast Starlight.