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Cascade Service Talgo 500 Portland to Seattle 1/6/2017

by Chris Guenzler

I was up without a wake up call and hurriedly packed then checked out. I walked to the Max station, bought my one way ticket and within a minute here came a Green Line train. It was a quick trip back to Portland Union Station where I checked in and received my Business Class seat assigment. I read most of Trains Magazine as I sat at Gate 6A. The train pulled in from Eugene and I walked to Car 1 on the south end of the train. I stepped off for a picture.

Cascade Service 500. The train left Portland right on time but got stopped at Willbridge for a few minutes.

Mount Hood.

Willamette River.

Columbia River ship channel.

The crossing of the Columbia River before we stopped in Vancouver.

Columbia River on the way to Kelso-Longview our next stop. We got delayed by a BNSF track gang that was not off the rails before we arrived and we would wait until they cleared. We got by the track gang and are now burning up the rails to our next stop of Kelso-Longview.

Mount St. Helens. The train ran to the next stop of Centralia. I had forgotten how much I enjoyed the ride of the Talgo.

Business Class on the Talgo.

Mt Rainier before we arrived in Olympia-Lacey. Now I will show you the views along the Puget Sound. In the near future all passenger trains will run on the Point Defiance Bypass and will not come this way. So sit back and enjoy the views along this scenic route.

The trip along the Puget Sound. I will sure miss these views in the future.

The future route that the Sounder already takes.

Mt Rainier. From here we stopped at Tukwila then on into Seattle. We were delayed again at Auburn by another BNSF track crew. We arrived into Seattle at 12:23 PM {12:00 PM} and it had been an excellent trip north aboard the Cascade Service Talgo train. I detrained looking for pictures to take.

The Talgo at rest at Seattle King Street station. I went inside the station for my first view of it after the restoration. They did a very fine job with this major project. I found Bob and Elizabeth Alkire waiting for me and we walked to the parking lot and put my luggage into their trunk before we walked over to the First Hill Streetcar but alas that is in the next story.