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The Trip to the Norfolk Southern's Rathole 6/18/2017

by Chris Guenzler

I got up and drove to the MacDonald's in Whitley City which had no power. My choices were either Oneida or Somerset. Since I was going to take pictures in the Rathole I decided on Somerset. I drove straight to the MacDonald's there and enjoyed my breakfast. I saw hugh thunderheads so I made a good choice not going that way to north today. I returned to Cave Spring Road and the bridge that Chris Parker and I had visited in 2007.

As I arrived a southbound train's tail end was in my view.

That southbound train had left my sight. Might we see him later this morning?

A northbound train was also stopped at the next control point and I could see his tail end.

NS 2760 north at the Cave Spring bridge. From here I headed to the Keno Road bridge.

NS 9619 North at the Keno Road Bridge. I drove back south on US 27 to Parker Lane.

My photo locations.

NS 1127 north at Parker Lane bridge. I then drove to the Wyborg Loop bridge.

NS 3650 South at the Wyborg Loop bridge was the train I saw leaving the Cave Springs Road bridge.

NS 6956 North at the Wyborg Loop bridge. Later I called Chris Parker to get me the numbers of the Bluegrass Railroad Museum and the Big Fork Scenic Railroad phone numbers. I left a message with the first one and got a call from the second one that I would be comped on their 12:30 train today. I stopped by KFC in Whitley City before returning to the Parkland Motel to get ready for by Big Fork Scenic Railroad train trip today.