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To the Casey Jones Home Railroad Museum 6/20/2017

by Chris Guenzler

On this day, I would drive Bob and Elizabeth on a tour that would include Elizabeth first visits to Alabama and Mississippi on the way to the Casey Jones Museum in Jackson, Tennessee. We took I-40 to I-65 down to TN 96, where we stopped for breakfast at McDonald's before we drove into Franklin and our first stop.

The Franklin Louisville and Nashville freighthouse. We drove from Franklin to Columbia.

The Columbia Louisville and Nashville station built in 1904. Also here we found something else to take a picture of.

Patriot Rail's Tennessee Southern GP9 1974, ex. BN at Columbia. We next drove to Mount Pleasant.

Patriot Rail's Tennessee Southern GP9 1955 at Mount Pleasant. We made our way to Florence. Bob and Elizabeth got to arrive into Alabama, a new state for Elizabeth.

The Louisville and Nashville station in Florence. Next we drove west and crossed the border into Mississippi and Elizabeth's third new state in the last two days. We arrived at Corinth.

Corinth Union Station which was served by the Gulf, Mobile and Ohio Railroad and Southern Railway. It is now the home of the Crossroads Museum.

GM&O caboose 2994 on display.

Looking down the former GM&O mainline to the crossing.

Kansas City Southern GP40-3 2963, ex. SLSF.

Corinth Union Station from near the diamond.

The railroad crossing in Corinth.

One of the Big Gun cannons from the Civil War in Corinth. From here we drove back into Tennessee to Selmer, our next stop.

The Selmer Gulf, Mobile and Ohio station.

A mural of rock and roll in Selmer. From here, we headed to Jackson, Tennessee and our next stop.

A history mural in Jackson opposite the Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis station. We next visited the NC&StL Depot Museum.

The Nashville, Chattanooga and St. Louis station built in 1907.

Chessie system caboose 3255 on display.

Florida East Coast dining car 947.

NC&StL caboose steel bay-window 95.

NC&StL handcar on display at the depot museum.

NC&StL speeder on display.

NC&StL baggage cart on display. I then toured the cars.

The interior of the FEC dining car 947.

Interior of Chesse caboose 3255.

A trainorder semaphore signal.

NC&StL baggage cart.

A mainline tri-colored railroad signal.

Road crossing signal. From here we went into the depot and I passed out my cards and met the main curator.

A Howard Fogg painting of the Gulf, Mobile and Ohio.

The G&MO station on the model railroad inside this unique museum. From here we went up to the Casey Jones Railroad Museum.