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Milwaukee Road 261 Chase Breckenridge to Wilmar 6/3/2019

by Chris Guenzler

Bill and I checked out of the Knight's Inn and went to the Golden Arches for breakfast. After that we went to Breckenridge to get a few pictures.

Milwaukee Road 261 and train getting ready to go home to the Twin cities.

Milwaukee Road 4-8-4 261.

Breckenridge Great Northern Station. We then went by the Red River Valley and Western engine shops.

RRV&W GP-20C 2051.

RRV&W SW1200RS 1213.

RRV&W SW1200RS 1276.

ILSX GP-39-2 1390. From here we drove east to Doran and set up for the Milwaukee Road 261.

Milwaukee Road 261 at Doran. We took off chasing the train east.

Railfans chasing the train.

We stopped in Campbell but didn't like the shot. So we went back to the highway and pulled off at East Campbell. The Milwaukee Road 261 had to take the siding at Campbell for this freight train.

The rear end of the BNSF freight train.

The Milwaukee Road 261 at East Campbell. We high tailed it to Norcross.

The Great Northern water tower is still here.

The Milwaukee Road 261 at Norcross. Then it was back to the highway.

The Milwaukee Road 261 at Herman. East we went!

Milwaukee Road 261 east of Herman. Back into the car and down the highway east.

Milwaukee Road 261 at MP 162. We went next to the east end of Morris.

Milwaukee Road 261 at East Morris. We continued east.

Milwaukee Road 261 east at Hancock. We next headed to West Benson.

Railfans chasing a train!

Milwaukee Road 261 came to West Benson with a yellow over red signal. Not wanting to tie up traffic in Benson they decided to wait for the green signal here. This will be a great show of steam when he gets the green signal.

While we waited. The steam train then got his green signal and the steam show would start.

Milwaukee Road 261 at West Benson. From here we drove to Kerkhoven and set up for a grain elevator picture.

Milwaukee Road 261 at Kerkhoven.

Railfans chasing a train.

The final Milwaukee Road 261 at Penncock. We broke off the chase and drove into Wilmar to the Kandiyohi County Historical Museum for the covered steam engine display they have out front.

Great Northern 4-8-2 2523 on display in Wilmar at the Kandiyohi County Historical Museum. We had lunch at the Golden Arches before heading south to Currie, our next adventure. Thank you to the Milwaukee Road 261 for a good and fantastic safe steam chase this morning.