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Cajon Pass trip 11/10/2018

by Chris Guenzler

Bill Compton and I planned a Cajon Pass trip so we were going on Saturday November 18,2018. The day before I got my 1,553,000.0 rail mile and today I was on Day 8697 of my sobriety. So I got up and 4:00 AM and had a good breakfast then listened to my new Rachel Flowers CD Going Somewhere before Bill picked me up after 5:00 AM. We drove out to West Colton where we checked the departure yard before we drove to Cajon Pass and caught our first train of the day at Cajon.

Union Pacific 5892 West was the first train of the day. We drove down to Swarthout Canyon Road crossed the BNSF mainline then parked and hiked across the BNSF mainline to the hill that overlooks Blu Cut. Our wait was not long.


Union Pacific 5892 West at Blu cut. We also had an unknown BNSF eastbound and westbound trains come through giving us three trains in one picture, pretty cool.

Union Pacific 2529 East was the next train here.

BNSF 6717 East at Blu Cut.

Union Pacific 7821 East came through next on the Palmdale Cutoff.

Union Pacific 6554 East at Blu Cut.

Amtrak Southwest Chief train 3 running 2.5 hours late this morning.

BNSF 6239 East with BNSF C44-9W 786 in the consist.

BNSF 7461 West waa the last train at Blu Cut. We then drove to Hill 562 and waited for more train. It did not take long this morning.

BNSF 6239 East at Hill 562 with the BNSF C44-9W 786 in the consist.

A Drone came in for a landing on Hill 562.

Union Pacific 4030 West was the next train.

BNSF 6313 East came past our photo location.

BNSF 4540 East with BNSF C44-9W 706 came through next.

BNSF 4205 West with Citirail 1342 in its consist.

The end of BNSF 4540 East near Summit.

The end of BNSF 4205 West.

Union Pacific 8773 West heading to Bakersfield.

BNSF 4139 West came by us.

BNSF 8035 East with NS SD70M-2 2764 and NS ET44AC 3653 in its consist.

BNSF 7709 West with BNSF C44-9W 680 in its consist.

BNSF 8222 East at Hill 562.

BNSF 4067 West with 689 in its consist.

BNSF 8001 East at Hill 562.

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