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I finished the DART Rail System

by Chris Guenzler

Chris Parker and I got up and then drove to MacDonalds for my breakfast of hot cakes and sausage. We then drove to Carrolton for the first stop of the morning. We drove to a location and parked across the railroad tracks.

The Carrollton Southern Pacific station. Across the street is the Dallas Garland & Northwestern Railroad shop area.

DGNO 26314B 140

DGNO RP20BN 147.

DGNO SD-40M 3418.

DGNO scene.

Califiornia Northern GP-15 111. Next we parked in the Carollton light rail station annd purchased a one region day pass for this morning ride to Dallas Fort worth Airport which would be new rail mileage for me and my current final piece of DART.

This train came and went on its way to Carrollton-Franklin.

The facilities of the Dallas Garland & Northwestern Railroad.

Our train came in and we took it to the Bachman station where we made a cross transfer platform to catch our next Orange Line train to DFW Airport. The line leaves to green line through a junction.

The line quickly climbs onto this viaduct.

The view of downtown Dallas. After the viaduct it drops to University of Dallas Station.

At the Las Colinas Urban Center Station there is this guided wheel vehicle and guideway it runs on.

North Lake. Next we did the North Lake College Station followed by the Belt Line Station. After that we started the run to the DFW station.

First the control tower came into view.

Next you could see the Main Terminal Building of the DFW Airport.

That was followed by planes waiting to land or take off. We ran the rest of the way into the DFW Airport station and got off for pictures.

The train at DFW Airport station.

I have now finished all of DART in its present day form.

Looking north at the DFW Airport station.

Looking south to the end of track at the DFW Airport station.

Our train at the DFW Airport station.

Another train came into Track 1 at the DFW Airport station. We returned to the Bachman station and made a two track crossover to the Green Line train that would take us back to the rental car at Carrollton.

We ran by the maintenence shops of the Green and Orange lines.

Our train left the Carrollton station before we drove to the Saginaw train station for my second day of the 24 Hours at Saginaw.