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Finishing the Amtrak System again! 7/26/2018

by Chris Guenzler

I woke up today in the Hotel Riviera knowing that I would finishing the Amtrak System again, tonight when I step off the train in Roanoke will be the moment. I was up by 6:30 AM and put the corrections in my story from Elizabeth and then uploaded it to the web site. Everything works out if you let it seems to be the motto of this trip so far. All the icons on my laptop disappeared yesterday to be replaced by a cloud on the task bar. I managed to get through all that plus the trip to here proves that motto. We will taxi back to Newark Penn station and then take New Jersey Transit into New York City. We bought our New Jersey Transit tickets then found out that our train would come in on Track 2. We did a little railroad photography while we waited for our train in Newark this morning.

First a New Jersey Transit train on track 4 for Bayhead came and left the station.

Amtrak 645 pulled a Northeast Regional 185 train into the Newark station on Track 3.

The train waited a few minutes for its departure time.

Acela Express 2164 came into Newark.

The Northeast Regional 185 train left the Newark station

Acela Express 2164 doing its station work at Newark.

Acela Express 2164 was now leaving Newark.

Northeast Regional 130 came and left Newark.

Keystone Service 600 came and left Newark. It was now our time for our New Jersey Transit 3722 to arrive into Newark.

New Jersey Transit 3722 7/26/2018

The train came in with Robin and I boarding the rear cab car which was the quiet car on this train from Trenton. The train trip to Secaucus was slow as we were following trains but sped up after that.

The train ran first by the PATH maintenance facility.

PATH trains at their shops.

NJT ALP-46 4609.

NJT GP40-2 4302.

The New York Skyline.

Another view.

The New York Skyline right after Secaucus. The train took us through the Hudson River Tunnel and into Penn Station New York. We detrained and went to the Amtrak waiting area of the station to wait. I left Robin with the bags while I went to Kmart and got me a new piece of luggage. I switched every thing out of it while Robin went to the Theater District and made his way to Times Square before he returned. We went into the hall and waited for the track announcement which was twelve. Going down the escalator I lost Robin and I got on car six.

Northeast Regional 171 7/26/2018

The train left about 15 minutes late and headed west into the Hudson River Tunnel on it way to Secaucus then Newark. My side of this car has no power so I would move after Phildelphia up and over one to the side of the train that works. We stopped at Newark Airport then heed to Trenton. After Trenton there was a picture to take.

What the World Makes Trenton Takes sign on the bridge across the Delaware River.

Skullykill River and Philadelphia.

SEPTA streetcar yard south Philadelphia.

Amtrak Wilmington Shops which we will be visiting on this trip.

We crossed the Susquehanna River where it empties into Chesapeake Bay at Havre de Grace. The train stopped at Aberdeen and I had an early dinner of a hot dog, pretzels and ginger ale. We stopped in Baltimore after I was done. Next was BWI and then on New Carrolliton.

Washington Metro Subway cars. From here we went straight to Washington, DC. for the switch from electric to diesel change that always takes place here when go south of DC. With no power aboard the train during the engine swap the Internet goes out. The cars heated up as they took their time during the engine change.

A picture of my ticket that I will finish the Amtrak system on.

Amtrak Charger 622 at Washington Union Station. At 5:22 PM the power was restored. We left Washington Union Station at 5:27 PM and headed into the Capitol Tunnel then headed to the crossing of the Potomac River.

The Potomac River as we crossed into the state of Virginia to our next station of Alexandria. The next stop is Burke Centre. I put on my DVD of Railroad Tigers starring Jackie Chan. The next stop in Manassas followed by Culpeper and then Charlottesville

The Charlottesville station through the trees. We left there and headed next to Lynchburg. We left there and once we got to the wye at Roanoke and went about four hundred feet west of it, I was on my final piece of new mileage to complete the Amtrak system again. I just rode peacefully through the night until I arrived into Roanoke. As the train slowed down to a stop I felt really proud of myself once again. This time I would get to enjoy it for about a week. The traincame to a stop and after I would step off. Robin had detrained and had my camera to capture the event for all of you.

Roanoke 7/26/2018

Chris Guenzler in the vestibule.

Chris Guenzler stepping off the train after just completing the Amtrak system. Robin then took a picture for his story and we started to leave when I saw the Hotel Roanoke Van and asked if we could get a ride which the driver said yes! He drove over to the Hotel Roanoke and We checked in to this very nice hotel for the night.