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The trip home from 24 hours of Saginaw 5/27/2018

by Chris Guenzler

Chris Parker and I got up at the Days Inn and after loading the car we checked out and headed across US 287 to MacDonalds where it was hot cakes and sausage. After a stop at a gas station and we went in search of some trains.

BNSF 5073 North with CSX AC44CW 481 in the consist at McLeroy Road in Saginaw. Next we move north to North Bailey-Boswell Road.

BNSF 5060 South came to a stop at a red signal. A few minutes later, we heard a horn blow to our south so we waited.

BNSF 5646 North at North Bailey-Boswell Road.

BNSF 5060 South with NS C-40-9W 9023 at North Bailey-Boswell Road. We continued north along Texas 156 and first saw the BNSF Alliance Yard then came the surprise of this trip we came to the GE Fort Worth Locomotive Building and made a U-turn then parked.

Outside were brand new rebuilts Canadian National E444AC 3806 and NS AC44CGM 4172. We went past Krum, Texas when I spotted a headlight coming towards us. We made another u-turn and parked on Hopkins Road and set up for pictures.

BNSF 5005 South at Hopkins Road. We continued north to I 35 which we took south then went onto I 35E which we took back to Mockingbird Lane then to Hertz and turned in the rental car. We caught the next shuttle then went through a slow security line with no problems. Chris Parker bought me lunch at Whataburger and then we parted ways as he went to Gate 8 and I went to Gate 12 at Love Field Dallas. My flight was all ready to board when they moved it to Gate 2. We left Dallas forty minutes late and I enjoyed the view from my window seat in the second row. Flight highlights were Abo Canyon and the Salton Sea. We arrived at 3:05 PM and I called my mother, letting her know that t I needed fifteen minutes to walk to where she picks me up. That gave me five minutes for biological needs and then eight minutes to walk there. She picked me up thus ending a fantastic trip to Texas.