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Fox River Trolley Museum The Ride Part 2 5/19/2018

by Chris Guenzler

The track crew boarded me on the Track Speeder CP Rail 7700-12 and I sat on the engine cover so I could take pictures as we traveled down the line of the Aurora Elgin Fox River Electric Company. After a brief safety meeting we started down the railroad to the first stop we had to make.

We ran to the first switch into the yard.

We ran by the museum's equipment that I had photographed.

We stopped before the second switch as we had to move a Cardboard trailer off the mainline. Our crew aligns the switch.

My operator moves the trailer down the track to the switch.

With the switch thrown my operator clears the trailer off the mainline.

My excellent track gang.

We made one more brief stop before the final yard switch. He then moved the cones off the track so the tracks were ours to use. We then took off down the railroad.

We started down the railroad passing by a pair of roof frames that were along the tracks.

Scenes as we travel down the tracks.

We ran through Woodcliff where the property owners must love having the trolley track below their houses.

More railroad related things on display along our route at Woodcliff.

We next crossed this little trestle.

We ran along a road and then the fence.

We ran along that chain link fence.

The Canadian National Railroad bridge came into view ahead of us.

The Canadian National Railroad bridge that was once the Illinois Central Chicago to Iowa line which we went under.

We came to the junction of the connection track to the former Illinois Central Railroad.

We ran through the connection track yard.

Here we left the tracks of the Aurora Elgin Fox River Electric Company and entered the Forest Preserve who put in new tracks for the Fox River Trolley Museum.

These tracks will take us to Blackhawk.

The switch for Blackhawk.

The Blackhawk station came into view and we made a stop for photos at Blackhawk.

The track speeder at Blackhawk.

Track Speeder CP Rail 7700-12 at Blackhawk. We then started the return trip.

We left the station at Blachawk behind.

A former gravel pit filled in with water.

Returning onto the tracks of the Aurora Elgin Fox River Electric Company.

The former connection track to the former Illinois Central Railroad. We stopped for photos here.

The Canadian National Railroad bridge across the Fox River.

The inside the culvert on the connection track has rocks that looks like Lucy of the Charlie Brown fame.

Leaving the Canadian National Railroad bridge behind. Next we went by Woodcliff.

Views of Woodcliff.

Someone has a good humor along our route. All too soon we had returned to our starting point. I thanked my Speeder Crew for letting me ride and then I walked to the crew of the diesel and said goodbye to them and thanked them for having me here today.

The trip home

I headed south down IL 31 and stopped at A&W for lunch. I took the Interstate 88 Tollway to the Interstate 294 Tollway to Interstate 55 to Cicero Blvd IL 50 back to the rental car center and turned in the car. I then rode the shuttle back to Midway and went through security who lost my shoe for about five minutes then held my bag for ten minutes before I got it back with no reason given. I had two char dogs from Gold Coast that put me in a great mood. I called home before making my way to Gate 4B for my flight to Las Vegas. I got online and cleaned out my e-mail then charged the computer as I made more story pages. Once done I walked over to the gate and waited.

Southwest Airlines Flight 3295

This flight was over clouds so I did Sudoku puzzles the entire flight.

Southwest Airlines Flight 4231

I talked the entire flight with a gentleman who lives on French Street in Santa Ana. I called Elizabeth when I landed and found Robin ready and willing at the curb to drive me home ending an excellent and fantastic trip to Illinois.