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Homewood Railroad Viewing Platform 5/19/2018

by Chris Guenzler

I wokle up early at the Country Home and Suites in Moncee and took an ice cold shower since this motel had no hot water. I packed the car then checked the Internet before I returned the key and checked out. i drove across the road to gas up the rental car then visited MacDonalds for hot cakes and sausage to go. I then made my way to Homewood and found my destination for this morning's first stop.Homewood Railroad Viewing Platform

In 2007, the Village of Homewood has opened a railfan park and equipment display adjacent to Canadian National's ex-Illinois Central main line. The park is located on the east side of the Canadian National line also used by Amtrak. Just west of the CN is the Metra Electric commuter line. Including Metra trains, train counts at this location routinely exceed 100 per day on the 8 tracks seen from the platform. Action includes CN/IC, Amtrak, and Metra, along with Union Pacific and Norfolk Southern trackage-rights trains.

The viewing platform is located just south of one of the few remaining steam-era Illinois Central multi-track signal bridges on the railroad. The south throat of CN's busy Markham Yard is just a few hundred yards north of the platform site. Downtown Homewood offers a variety of shops and restaurants just a short walk from the site, including a Starbucks across the street.

The equipment display is located on the west side of the right of way includes Illinois Central GP10 8408 in the 1990s black scheme and IC caboose 9426 in the 1960's orange "I-Ball" scheme. An underground pedestrian tunnel connects the east & west sides on the tracks. Do not trespass, or try to cut across the tracks. An 8-track mainline is at this park, trains can come in any direction at any time, the electric passenger trains can come quietly and quickly, CN, METRA and local police are strict about trespassing.

The Action

The Homewood Railroad Viewing Platform where I would spend my time this morning. I had my picnic of my breakfast then wlked across the street to a trash can since none were provided here.

Metra Electric 806 at Homewood.

Metra Electric 803 at Homewood.

CN 8927 South at Homewood with CN SD70M2 8927 and CN C44-9W 2558.

Views both ways at Homewood. Next came a northbound CN freight.

CN 2168 North at Homewood with CN C408W 2168, IC SD-70 1033 and CN ET44AC 3078.

Metra Electric 806 at Homewood seen through the CN 2168 train.

Metra Electric 805 at Homewood seen through the CN 2168 train.

The rear end of CN 2168 finally ran by me.

Metra Electric 808 at Homewood.

Amtrak Saluki 391 came into Homewood for the station stop.

Metra Electric 807 came into Homewood came while Amtrak Saluki 391 was there.

Metra Electric 807 left Homewood for University Park and the south end of the Metra Electric line.

Amtrak Saluki 391 started to leave Homewood.

Amtrak Midwest Charger locomotive 4624 at Homewood.

Amtrak Saluki 391 heads south a Buffer car and two heritage baggage cars as Canadian National requires the extra sets of trucks so that the train will properly trip the signals. Next the Amtrak city of New Orleans was finally arriving just under two hours late.

Amtrak 58 the City of New Orleans finally arrived into Homewood.

My final picture at Homewood before I headed to my final stop of this trip.