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Cass Railroad to Bald Knob 8/7/2018 Part2

by Chris Guenzler

The train has climbed the grade and is about to go through Old Spruce where we will detrain at tomorrow on our Cass to Elkins trip.

The train took the route to the right to Bald Knob and tomorrow we will take the track to the left to Spruce and on to Elkins

Now the train is leaving Old Spruce.

The train is now heading to Bald Knob.

There are fewer overlooks on this route to Bald Knob.

The train arrived at the Oats Creek water tank.

Watering the Cass Shay 2 at the Oats Creek water tank.

Leaving the Oats Creek water tank.


Climbing the grade to the Spruce overlook on a 8 percent grade.

The Spruce overlook.

The train ran by Milepost 8.

Climbing the 7 percent grade to the Wye.

Almost to the Wye.

The switch for the Wye.

The east leg of the Wye.

The train now starts 1.5 down grade.

Even on a down grade the Cass Shay 2 really works hard.

Now the train climbs the final 9 percent grade to Bald Knob.

The station sign for Bald Knob.

You can see the Bald Knob station and viewing platform.

The train pushed us into the Bald Knob station and I was first off the train.

Cass Shay 2 at rest at Bald Knob. I headed straight to the viewing platform.

A rental caboose.

Our train at Bald Knob.

The views from the Bald Knob viewing platform. I used the rest room here before I went to get a picture of the engine.

Cass Shay 2 at Bald Knob. We reboarded the train. Elizabeth came back and joined me and we rode down the mountain in a rain storm which made our trip even more memorable. Later the train stopped at Whittaker.

Robin got off to have an ice cream but forgot to get us one. We returned to Cass where Elizabeth and I had to take care of some NRHS business with the cafe workers behind the station.

One last view of the Cass station for today. We will back here tomorrow.We made it back down to Cass and I would like to thank Cass Railroad and Mountain Rail for having us here today. The trip was really interesting and Bob, Elizabeth and Robin all loved it as much as I did. The good news is that we get to go from Cass to Old Spruce tomorrow and ride up the mountain again. We drove back via Elkins so they were able to see part of the route along the Shavers Fork of the Cheat River. We stopped at a Subway in Elkins and picked up dinner to go and returned to Cumberland at 8:50 PM. We picked up NRHS convention badges and goodie bags and then worked on stories.