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Roanoke to Wilmington Train 176 8/2/2018

by Chris Guenzler

Today's trip is to get Robin and I to Wilmington so we can start the northern portion of this rail adventure. We had a 5:00 AM wake-up call and with clothes and boots set out, it was easy to get ready so early in the morning. I went down to the lobby of the Hotel Roanoke to check us out and talked with the bell hop who came east from Torrance, California. Robin joined me and we walked over the bridge and one short block to the Amtrak station. We put our luggage in a dry area and waited. We learned the train is overnighted in the Virgianian Railroad yard over by their Roanoke station. About 5:50 AM the train was backing into the station.

Northeast Regional 176 8/2/2018

The train backed into the Roanoke Amtrak station.

The engineer stopped right at the end of the platform so I had to move to the east side of the platform to get my picture of the train. We boarded the Amtrak train taking seats in Amfleet 82795 for the trip to Wilmington, Deleware. I set up the computer and had power this morning and started writing the Appomattox part of my Crewe story. The rains started up again and we had one Norfolk Southern freight train before we left Roanoke on time at 6:19 AM. After the Cafe Car opened I had a Big Chunk Chocolate Chip Cookie and Rolled Gold Pretzels for my breakfast. I finished the Crewe story then uploded to my IR page to be proofed. I started today's story and I am all caught up again. The train stopped in Lynchburg and I opened a can of Coca-Cola to wake me up. An hour later we arrived in Culpeper and then the train headed to Manassas. The next stop of this trip will be Burke Center followed by Alexandria. We crossed the Potomac River and then things came into view

The Washington Monument came into view. We stopped at L'Enfant Plaza station before we went through the Capital Tunnel and into Washington Union Station and the engine change from diesel to electric.

Amtrak P42DC 64 had pulled us from Roanoke to Washington, DC but now leaves the train.

Amtrak MP15D 576.

Amtrak GP38 721.

Northeast Regional 185 arrives into Washington Union Station.

Amtrak ACS-64 659.

Amtrak Metroliner Conference Car 9800.

Amtrak ACS-64 668.

Amtrak ACS-64 668 and train set.

Acela Express 2110 ready to leave Washington Union Station. Moments later it left.

Acela Express 2110 leaves for Penn Station in New York City.

Amtrak MP14B 597.

Amtrak ACS-64 634 would power our train the rest of the way to Wilmington and beyond to Boston. The train left DC on time and went to New Carrolton and then BWI Airport before going to Baltimore. I had a hot dog for my lunch as the train then ran non-stop to Wilmington where we detrained on time.

Wilmington Penn Station. We detrained and went down inside the station to the Enterprise Counter. We did the rental car agreement then went curb side to finish up the transation. We got a Nissan Camry and once that was done we were on our way to our next local stop.