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Southern Railway 401 Steam Charter 5/18/2017 Part 2

by Chris Guenzler

We continued with the photo runbys here.

Photo Runby 3.

Back up move 4.

Photo Runby 4. After that we all boarded the train and headed west on these new rail miles to our next photo location along the Illinois Terminal Railway Bike Path we we all detrained for more Southern Railway 401 steam action.

Back up move 5.

Photo Runby 5.

Back up move 6.

Photo Runby 6.

Back up move 7.

Photo Runby 7.

Back up move 8.

Photo Runby 8.

Photo Runby 9.

Back up move 10.

Photo Runby 10.

Back up move 11.

Vintage cars would now be added to enhance the scene.

Photo Runby 11.

Back up move 12.

Photo Runby 12.

Posed pictures.

Photo Runby 13. We would do some more photo runbys here.

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