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Ash Hill Trip 1/19/2019

by Chris Guenzler

Bill Compton and I decided to go out to Ash Hill on Saturday 1/19/2019. He picked me up at 5:30 and we drove non stop to Newberry Springs where we saw our first train of the day.

Unknown BNSF freight train at Newberry Springs.

BNSF 9025 West at Newberry Springs. From here we drove straight to Ash Hill.

The Old Dad Mountains.

BNSF 5227 West at Ash Hill.

BNSF 5246 East at Ash Hill.

BNSF 5349 West at Ash Hill.

BNSF 3931 East at Ash Hill.

Next a track inspector next came down the normal westbound track.

BNSF 5525 East at Ash Hill.

BNSF 7476 East at Ash Hill.

BNSF 6263 West with DPU BNSF 4011 and 6672.

BNSF 6062 East at Ash Hill. From here we went west to Lavic.

BNSF 8263 West at Lavic. From here we continued to the big curve just east of Lavic.

BNSF 6708 East at Lavic.

BNSF 3798 East with DPU 7480 with an unkown BNSF freight being passed.

BNSF 5384 West at Lavic.

BNSF 6703 East at Lavic. From here we drove to Hector.

BNSF 7274 West at Hector.

BNSF 4200 East at Hector.

BNSF 4584 East at Minneola. From here we then drove home where I thanked Bill for a fantastic railfanning adventure today.