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A Trip to Ash Hill 3/2/2019

by Chris Guenzler

Bill Compton picked me up on a rainy morning and we drove out to Ash Hill via Ca Highways 22 and 91, Interstate 215 and 15 with the rains ending after Cajon Summit then out to Barstow then onto Interstate 40 and off at Nebo Road where we spotted our first train of the day.

The perfect way to start a trip is with a rainbow.

Union Pacific 8361 West with Norfolk Southern ES40DC 7385 and C40-9W 9669. From there we went east on National Trails Highway then back onto Interstate 40 to Ludlow where we took Old 66,also known as National Trails Highway to Ash Hill and pulled off and went to the parking spot above the cut.


BNSF 6613 West at Ash Hill.

The Old Women Mountains to our northeast.

BNSF 7442 West at Ash Hill.

BNSF 7005 East at Ash Hill.

BNSF 4179 East with Norfolk Southern 4026 at Ash Hill.

BNSF 6211 East at Ash Hill.

BNSF 6999 East at Ash Hill.

BNSF 7056 West with DPU 5465 at Ash Hill.

BNSF 4068 West at Ash Hill.

BNSF 8047 West with DPUs BNSF 4830 and 4242 at Ash Hill.

BNSF 8377 East at Ash Hill.

BNSF 6270 West with Canadian National EF644p 2881 at Ash Hill.

BNSF 4360 West at Ash Hill.

BNSF 6578 West at Ash Hill.

BNSF 7661 East with PRLX CW44-6 648 at Ash Hill.

From here we drove west to Ludlow and got up on the hill west above the town.

BNSF 7973 West with Canadian National 3059 with DPUs 4168 and 3767 at Ludlow.

BNSF 8068 East at Ludlow. From here we headed west on Interstate 40.

Nearing Newberry Springs, it looked like we might have a dust storm. But it cleared as we approached.

Then a neat cloud formation appeared. We got off of Interstate 40 at Hidden Springs Road and went into Daggett.

At Daggett the BNSF 9002 East under the neat cloud. Bill stopped at Barstow and got himself lunch before we went onward. Nearing Victorville you go under the Mojave Northern and in all my other trips it had been an empty railroad until today when we spotted a headlight coming our way. We got off of Interstate 15 at Stoddard Wells Road and took Victorville Quarry Road to a grade crossing with the Mojave Northern tracks so we parked and waited. Our wait turned out to be only a few minutes.

Cemex SD-70 2125 at MP 4 of the Mojave Northern Railroad. I finally got my train picture of it.

The storm ahead! We took Interstate 15 back to Cajon Pass and reentered the storm we left this morning. We took Interstate 210 to CA Highway 57 to Interstate 5 and exited the car pool lane into my neighborhood and Bill dropped me off at home. I watched my Pittsburgh Penguins defeat Montreal Canadians 5-1 then wrote this story.