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The First Ely story 5/11/2019

by Chris Guenzler

We stopped in McGill and I wanted to show Robin what was left of the railroad. Did we get get a surprise!

The Nevada Northern McGill station.

Tracks in McGill. We headed towards Ely but had to make another stop.

The Nevada Northern mainline tracks at the US 93 grade crossing out of service. We drove into Ely gassed up my Ford Focus and drove to the Ely The Nevada Northern station to check in to their bunkhouse. The young man in their gift shop told us to come back in an hour after the train returned. Robin and I drove up Robinson Canyon looking for the train and found it all the way up in Keystone waiting to be wyed.

My first view of an old friend the Nevada Northern 4-6-0 40 at Keystone. The train started around the wye at Keystone.

The train backed around the southwest leg of the Keystone Wye. We relocated our photo location at Keystone.

The mine has sure grown for the last time I was in Keystone.

The Nevada Northern 40 left Keystone for East Ely with us in chase.

The Nevada Northern 40 in the heart of Robinson Canyon. We next headed to the tunnel.

The Nevada Northern 40 exits the tunnel in Robinson Canyon. With that chase done we stopped by the closed White Pine Museum and would take pictures through and over the fence.

Kennecott Copper Steeplecab 80

KCC Bobber Caboose 12.

KCC Molten Copper Car.

KCC wooden box car.

The Currie station building move to Ely from that location.

Museum scene.

The Currie station.Once we finished here, we drove to the East Ely station and got there as the train was backing in.

A pair of East Ely station scenes. Once the station help had returned and the other guests for the bunkhouse arrived, each party signed releases and then we walked walked across the tracks to the bunkhouse. We got shown our room C plus the bathrooms and kitchen. I walked back to the East Ely Station and moved the car over to the bunkhouse. The Nevada Northern 40 had finished wyeing but had to preform one of its daily duties and we moved over to take pictures of it.

The Nevada Northern 40 stopped waiting for the switch to be thrown for it.

The Nevada Northern 40 headed to the ash pit to drop its ashes from the firebox.

They are working on getting the ash from the firebox and cooling it with water.

Yard scene.

Once that was done the Nevada Northern 40 backed passed the switch.

The crewman threw the switch and then checked the points.

Yard scene.

The Nevada Northern 40 heads to it shop for its nightly rest. We still had three more pictures to take.

Wig Wag road crossing protects the road we took to reach the bunkhouse. From here we went to Carl's Junior and brought the dinner back to the bunkhouse. I finished the NRHS Heber story then did most of this story before I showered and called it a night.