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Nevada Northern Keystone Trip 5/12/2019

by Chris Guenzler

We stayed at the Nevada Northern Bunkhouse last night and did I get a good night's of rest. So here are a few pictures of the bunkhouse.

The inside of Room C.

The outside views of the Nevada Northern Bunkhouse.

The view of the East Ely Depot. Robin and I got up and went to McDonald's which was under construction so we took our food back to the Nevada Northern Bunkhouse and ate it in the kitchen area of the building.

On the way back the East Ely Nevada Northern station. After breakfast of hot cakes and sausage, I walked down towards the Engine House.

Nevada Northern 4-6-0 40 was all steamed up for our trip at 9:30 AM.

The Nevada Northern coaling tower.

This is a Nevada Northern caboose 22 that can be rented out to stay in like Joe Berbec and his friends did last night.

The view towards the Nevada Northern Enginehouse. I drove to the East Ely station and parked my car then returned the Nevada Northern Bunkhouse keys and picked up our comped tickets for our train trip this morning.

Nevada Northern 40 started backing towards us I started taking pictures. We stopped to throw a switch and then headed to the East Ely station another way. We walked back to the station area.

Nevada Northern 40 then backed onto our train.

Looking good in the morning light.

Our train will be ready to go at 9:3O AM. Robin and I ran into Greg and Marty Smith OCRHS and NRHS members and we caught up on things. Once they boarded the train we went to the open car and were joined by four other NRHS members.

At 9:30 AM the train backed out of the East Ely station to the switch passed the wig wag crossing signal. Once they threw the switch we were on our way towards Keystone. This is my third trip on the Nevada Northern and Robin's first trip ever.

The view of the Nevada Northern yard in East Ely.

Looking down the Steptoe Valley.

There is a small lake with a view of the shops.

That loading ramp is still on the curve after all these years.

Looking back from where we had came.

The south up towards the White Mountains.

The peak to the northwest of the train.

The train took another curve on our route out of Ely.

Two views of downtown Ely, Nevada.

The train neared the tunnel in Robinson Canyon.

The train entered the tunnel in Robinson Canyon.

Going into the tunnel.

Exiting the tunnel.

Going into the underpass under US 50.

In the underpass under US 50.

Exiting the underpass under US 50.

The train in Robinson Canyon.

The tailings of the mine are far more expansive than they were on my last visit here.

The train took a pair of curves in Robinson Canyon.

A unique stone wall in Robinson Canyon.

Interesting color in the ground.

The train heads to the last curve into Keystone.

Taking that last curve into Keystone where we will turn the train on the wye.

We head down the tracks to the bridge where we will switch to the wye.

The mine tailings at Keystone.

The wye at Keystone.

Joe Berbec and friend photographing our train at Keystone. We then came to a stop for a few minutes before our conductor threw the switch and we backed up the wye all the way to the end of the wye to something I never expected.

Gravestone in the fake cementry in Keystone.

A hangman noose and a fake western town.

Looking at the now end of track.

Gunfight after the train robbers gave out fake money to the passengers. After that we started back to East Ely.

The train went around the east leg of the wye to the mainline.

Mine cars were used for river bank control. I had never seen mine cars used for this purpose before today.

The train headed back down Robinson Canyon.

Looking over the water tower and the coaling tower.

Looking over to the shop buildings.

There are deer in both pictures. We went east to that same switch that the Nevada Northern 40 took this morning then went the same way he did to get back to the East Ely station.

Views along my new rail mile by going this way or rare mileage. They stopped on the grade crossing and unloaded anyone who wanted to take a shop tour this morning. With Robin still under the weather we rode back to the East Ely station then used the bathroom before heading down US 97 to our first stop on the way home at Caliente.

The Union Pacific Caliente station.

This box car shows the history of Caliente.

There is a bay window caboose on display in Caliente. From here we took the paved highway down through Rainbow Canyon on the way to Elgin.

Views in Rainbow Canyon. We got to the end of the paved road and drove 38 miles down a dirt road to get back onto US 97. At the junction of Interstate 15, we gassed the Ford Focus and then got Subway to go. I drove the rest of the way home going through heavy traffic once in Barstow and once on Cajon Pass. After that it was an drive west on CA 60 to CA 57 to CA 22 off at Grand Ave where we gassed up the Focus one last time before we headed to my house in Santa Ana. We arrived at 8:05 PM and Robin pulled his car out of my driveway. We unloaded the car then I pulled mine in the driveway and I got into my house ending a great NRHS Trip for 2019.

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