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West Texas and Lubbock Railroad Whiteface Line High Plains Drifter 11/20/2010 Part 3

by Chris Guenzler

The train headed back to Lubbock but we ran into a slight problem. The train had been reversed since we left this morning and the cars had the numbers on the wrong side for tonight's Polar Express Trip. When we got back to the Reese Wye we had to wye the train again so that the numbers would be facing the right way.

Once we did that we headed back to the Douds Yard and had meet an eastbound freight as we went through the yard.

We passed one of the Rio Grande Scenic Railroad engines in Douds Yard. Once we did that, we returned to the Lubbock Water Park where we all detrained ending an excellent trip today.

Two views of our train back at the Lubbock Water Park boarding area. From here Dave, Randy and I followed Bart and Sarah back out to Levelland where those who had paid in advance would get to ride the Moose out to Whiteface or back from there.

The Moose Trip out to Whiteface

Ten of us boarded the Moose. I sat in the back of the Moose on an ice chest so I could take pictures out of the back of the Moose.

The Moose has left the cars behind as we 10 passengers headed west to Whiteface.

This is as far as the train came this morning as the track is exempt west from here but the Moose can take us all the way to the end of track just west of Whiteface.

Milepost 24.

Switches that led to nothing.

The line still has freight on it to Whiteface.

Passing through the trees along our route.

A grade crossing.

Another grade crossing.

Weeds between the rails.

The grain elevator in Levelland.

Another inactive switch.

All our moves across grade crossings where protected.

The former Santa Fe Station Sign at Levelland.

More grain hoppers along our route.

View looking back.

Another tank car in a siding.

Two more switches along our route.

Two views looking back.

Milepost 27.

Oil Wells.

Another switch.

More grain cars along our route.

Milepost 28.

Grain and oil wells.

You could call us the "Tumbleweed Connection" for all of them we would ran by on this Moose Trip.

More oil wells.

Milepost 30.

This line is very straight.

One of the future riders of the Moose was chasing our trip aboard the Moose.

More tumbleweeds along our Moose route.

More oil wells along our route.

The tumbleweeds sure grow big around here.

Milepost 33.

Three views of the very straight track.

More oil wells along our route.

Our photographer is still taking pictures of our Moose Trip.

Milepost 37.

Tumbleweeds and an oil well.

Dropping down a short hill.

Milepost 38.

The view looking ahead at our crossing protection.

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